I was born in a poor northern city, deep in the industrial south! My daddy was a great big tuna fish. my momma was a freshwater trout! I swam and I swum and I know that it's dum. but it made me a regular homey! Cuz I learned how to stand and to make my demands, yeah to tell that bitch God to bl** me! I'm a gnostical fish in a huge petrie dish, yeah and everybodys eye is upon me! But I know who I am and where I do stand, I don't BELIEVE you man, you gotta SHOW me! So don't gimme me yo crap and your Jesusil rap, cuz I know that dead Jew is a phoney! Just gimme the fax and then shut yo dam trap cuz that Bible stuffs full of baloney! The only Jesus they is, is a whizical Wiz, an I know that he'll never disown me! Cuz he's really just me just as plain as can be, and that's sumthin that faith never CAN see! Martin Dean 5-24-2007