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  • momzcrazy

    I have several booklets. No one wanted them when I trid to sell them on ebay!


  • journey-on

    "Unassigned Territory" (or do they still have that). We used to have so much fun on those long day trips to the rural areas. We

    would take picnic lunches and find some out-of-the-way field or pasture to lay down a blanket and eat. We'd be so tired by the

    end of the day, but we would always talk about how the good news had to be preached everywhere and we really felt good that

    we had made the effort.

  • Hope4Others

    Husbands grand-dad never ever a witness was placed the book Enemies 1937 edition, when his house was torn down the book was found and we were able to get it.

    The book was released when phonographs were used at every door. The book shows on page 291 that Rutherford predicted

    that America would fall and Catholic hierachy would gain control and make it a government simular to Germany and Italy. (Fascists)

    .Watchtower Watch Tower ENEMIES-J F Rutherford R26


  • journey-on

    Wow! Hope4Others...what a nostalgic find complete with the actual words of Old Light.

  • gaiagirl

    I recall sitting in the Houston Astrodome, desperately wishing I was somewhere ELSE. I would sometimes stare up at the pattern of the crisscrossing steel girders which held up the roof, and imagine I had a hang glider to soar around over the audience.
    I also recall attending a bookstudy at an elderly German sisters house, and several of the very sincere older people in attendance conversing, so CERTAIN that the end was going to come within just the very next few MONTHS...

  • Dorktacular

    NewYork44M, I remember those bags. I was only 2 when that assembly took place, but my dad had plenty of those bags. He still has a few stashed in between his Watchtower bound volumes.

    My father and I usually worked in the kitchen at the assembly hall in Monroe, NY. It was sheer torture, because we had to get there very early in the morning, and the drive from our house was about 2 hours, so you can imagine what time I got dragged out of bed. I still can remember the smell of the powdered mashed potatos (acutally, they were canned potatos) and powdered eggs. I also remember the Stanley Theater and the ice cream they served. I never, ever payed attention to a single talk at the Stanley, because I was always too busy looking at the building itself.

    I also remember helping my father behind the literature counter and the smell of the books and magazines fresh off the truck from Brooklyn. For some reason the WBTS literature has a unique smell. I'm not sure why the books smell the way they do, but they do.

  • journey-on
    For some reason the WBTS literature has a unique smell.

    Dorktacular, do you remember the smell of the Watchtower magazine back when it was printed on that bright

    white paper that was kind of slick. You could get high sniffing that ink!

  • changeling

    Hey JO, you have some of my memories! Were you at Yankee Stadium in 63?

    Do you guys remember when they covered the mirrors in the ladies restrooms?

    How about the gigantic field service report on an easel. My dad used to let me paste some of the numbers on. Good times...


  • changeling

    Remember those little rolls the magazines used to come in? Did any of you go with your dad to pick up literature?

  • journey-on
    Were you at Yankee Stadium in 63?

    I was at the Rose Bowl in '63. Got the worst sunburn of my life sitting in those bleachers!

    Guess my mom and dad didn't know what sunblock was for!

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