They found me

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    I dont have family in anymore, I am just sick of hiding when the damn door rings. I have alot of other issues to deal with and have even broken down and went to therapy even though I am strongly opposed. Alot of issues with jws have come up with the sessions. My elder ex molested our daughter! I hate these people and dont want to even speak with them in fear that I will get very angry and will not control myself.

    Hi there, if you choose not to follow the beliefs of the W.T.S. simply tell them you are no longer interested. I understand how you can hate a person that has wronged your family. However an entire group of people cannot be held responsible for the acts of one. There are many very loving brothers and sisters within the faith. I know this because I have very many that I truly love. A brother or sister in faith is one that adheres to the teachings of Christ therefore christian. Do not associate with those that cause you or your family harm. Again, simply tell them you a not interested, ask them not to return and leave it at that. Do not allow anothers acts bring you down. Have a great evening.......

  • carla

    "I have very many that I truly love"----- you forgot to add, 'who only love me as long as I believe exactly as they do, otherwise I am expendable and disposable like a used keenex'.

  • jwblog
    "I have very many that I truly love"----- you forgot to add, 'who only love me as long as I believe exactly as they do, otherwise I am expendable and disposable like a used keenex'.

    You know this is a very valid point. They do have to uphold to the shunning of disbelievers. I could say perhaps a few would still love me however I have never had the chance to put it to the test. Thank you.

  • crazyblondeb
    My elder ex molested our daughter

    How about a police report!!!

  • hillbilly

    Hi Step!

    Long time since we heard from you here at JWD. If you know the folks by name a RO or PPO or whatever they call it in Texas would be a good start.

    Statutes of limitations for child abuse--- sexual stuff like rape and battery have a pretty good shelf life. Get the guy charged.

    Check your state laws for phone recording and such... you may be able to gather evidence of stalking if your state allows single party recording.

    I wish I could make this go away...


  • mind my own
    mind my own

    Yes I think a sign on the door would be good and return all the mail you receive.

    I'm sorry for you!


  • avishai

    Yep, restraining order.

  • Stefanie

    Thanks for you replys

    Because this man is still with jws married with two little girls from his "new wife" then the harm can be passed to others and will not stop with me.

    I am going to take this to the extent the law will allow, if that means jail time for him.. yes.. cant find a job.. yes.. has to put a sign on his damn porch.. then hell yes.. That disgusting excuse for shit needs to be put where his kind belong, not allowed to still go door to door, or have his dirty hands on those little girls.

    I honestly dont know how these people found me, or what they want from me, but I am not in a good place right now to deal with them. I dont care if one ruined the whole bunch of the jws, even if one is a pervert and allowed to remain with them that says alot about how the deal with issues.. PERIOD!

  • Layla33

    That is called stalking and there are laws against it. No one should make you feel like they are following you. This is an example of irrational and obsessive behavior (mental illness) in the form of religion. Cease and desist in the form of a restraining order and make sure they are 100% clear if they call you or write you or come near you, it will be reported to the authorities.

  • flipper

    STEFANIE- Hello, and welcome back to the board friend. I truly hate that you were treated like this by your ex-husband and the disgusting crap he did to your child. He truly should be locked up- or he will do damage to his new wife's girls ! There are many cases of witness child abuse going on - your ex is not a solo incident- probably thousands of children have been, and are presently being molested by elders, ministerial servants, or other witnesses in positions of " trust " where they abuse their authority and power and take advantage of poor helpless children.

    I'm glad you see the bigger picture and want to take steps to bring your ex to justice. The police and authorities would be the proper place to go - not the local elders- as I'm sure you know they will bury it to save their own members outward reputation. You could be honest with these witnesses bothering you , tell them you were totally offended by the unjust handling of the child abused kids , and that you aren't interested. I wish you the best in healing your heart and your daughters as well

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