They found me

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  • crashfire451
  • crashfire451

    Hey Steph, sorry to hear about your troubles. I've had some unfortunate experience in this area, and my wife and I live in Texas. Where in Texas do you live? If you'd like to PM me, feel free. Again, so sorry for your troubles. -Crash

  • Stefanie

    Thank you all for your support. This has been really hard. . I have the home number for the woman who studied with me and saw me get baptised.. Its her and her PO that are harrassing me.. Yea.. Guess what I found on my porch ? The effn magazines. I also got a letter in the mail that went like this:

    "Stefanie I dont undestand why dont want to see me, I respect that but am very confused. I am very concerned and want whats best for you and your family. Please call me so we can talk and I am willing to go to you and give you a bible study"

    That was the gist of the three page letter! Then she left me her number so that I can "call her for rides to the meetings"

    Not to mention her HUSBAND came to the door and asking for " a young woman with freckles"

    As for the EX I along with my daughter are now going to therapy.. Its not going very well ... I have to make a call to the new wife to keep her babies protected. We have an appointment to start legal action on the fat bastard! Here in Texas the time line is longer than other states. This is far from over.

    I threw the magazines in the trash, am sending back the letter ..along with a nice letter I got in a PM.. I am also going to contact WBTS..

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