playdate circa 1979

by avishai 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • Hope4Others

    Can I ask what the heck are Weebles???


  • momzcrazy
    bellbottoms and bike chains

    I have scars to this day because of that combo! Brown polyester bellbottoms!

    And grapenuts, damn! Only good with 8 TBSP of sugar!


  • avishai

    Weebles were little egg shaped plastic 'people' that were weighted at the bottom in such a way that you could'nt make them fall over.

  • beksbks

    "Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down"

  • avishai

    Yep, exactly!


    1979....eeeeegggaaaaaddddssssssssss...that's the year I started my Bible study. I loved Weebles, I bought the Circus, the Farm, and the Pirate Ship which was my favorite. Of course they were my daughter's toys. Bad Sam!!! Bad! Very cute story.

  • carla

    I find it quite amusing when jw's had to eat 'Fortunate Figures' and us worldlies were eating Lucky Charms, Grape Nuts? Mom was the healthy type huh? A question, was it normal for boys who so obviously noticed girls to also play with Weebles? Hot Wheels I could understand. Or is that a jw thing? or maybe I am clueless? did it really start that early? Maybe it was all those 'talks' at the kh, I know us worldlies never had talks like the jw's had in public in mixed company!

  • avishai

    At nine you noticed girls, they made you feel all squishy and weird, but you certainly did'nt know what to do about it. I dunno, i think 9 is an age appropriate age for weebles, don't see anything weird about that. As far as the grape nuts went, I actually liked 'em. I was a weird kid, also preferred Beethoven @ that age to anything on the radio.

  • SPAZnik

    avishai, yer alright :)

  • dinah

    Avi, this is great!

    It brings back memories. We are about the same age, so we can both remember when kids actually went outside and played with the neighborhood kids. Things weren't as "safe" back then in some ways. We were much more likely to get hurt than abducted. You left home in the morning and came back 'round dark.

    Those were the days, no helmets, no chain guards, nothing high-tech unless you count the little Coleco football game.

    So, what did you guys destroy after the Weeble stayed down??

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