I have a mouse or Rat!

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  • mouthy

    Thanks again all. The Landlord came in & taped up the Fan over the stove. Thinks that is where the mice are getting in. It looks like the poison wasnt touched this A.M. I am hoping very much it is over .now to wait for the smell

  • WTWizard

    It is almost never one mouse. There are many others where that one came from. There is one exception: a computer mouse. I have one, and only one. (And it is causing the Washtowel Slaveholdery more trouble than having millions of mice.)

  • mouthy

    (And it is causing the Washtowel Slaveholdery more trouble than having millions of mice.)

    Yes WE are their poison

  • hubert

    Mouthy, I don't have the time to read through 3 pages of posts right now, but if no one suggested this yet, it will work every time.

    On the mouse trap, instead of cheeze, put peanut butter.

    They can nibble at the cheeze and eventually eat all of it, most times without setting the trap off.

    But, with peanut butter, they have to lick it off, and will set the trap off (almost) every time.

    It really works. (Tip) Work the peanut butter into the metal or plastic tab, to make it sticks well. You don't have to use a lot, only a dab.

    Good luck, and good hunting.


  • mouthy

    Thanks Hubert(((((Hugs))) will try that also. But last night no"visits" ( please LORD kick em out of my place LOL

  • Satanus

    St francis assis, i think it was, who talked to animals, made deals w them. The deal w mice was something like, he would put food for them outside, and they would stay out of his house. You could try;)


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Please don't kill Minnie!

  • BabaYaga

    Sweet Grace, the best thing (pretty much the ONLY thing) that will get rid of a mouse or rat is the OLD-FASHIONED SNAPPER TRAPS!!!! The wooden slat with a high-tension spring SNAPPER. As far as "humane", well, it goes so fast and assuredly that they don't know what hit them, they don't suffer (like with poison or glue traps, ugh!)

    The TRICK!!!! Is to use PEANUT BUTTER!!! To bait the trap... they cannot resist it, they have to WORK to get it off, and they can't easily abscond with that like they can with any other treat left on the mechanism (I see they ran off with the cheese you left on yours.)

    Peanut butter on the SNAPPER TRAP is the ticket. Put a paper plate under the set trap so you can easily clear up the remains afterward (eww.)

    As several have stated, if you have one, you probably have several. Re-set the trap until you get no more lil' snapped bodies.


    Edited to say, like Hubert, I didn't read through all the posts, and I see he already suggested the peanut butter! It is tried and true, you know for next time!

  • mouthy

    Alright!!!! Micky go to your room, your making me feel guilty.

    Satanus. If you think I am talking to this mouse, ya gotta another thought coming. I am doing what the WT does to those who dont listen .....Shun him!!!! after I borrow momscrazy frying pan. LOL

  • momzcrazy
    after I borrow momscrazy frying pan

    It was humane. They never knew what hit them!


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