I have a mouse or Rat!

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  • restrangled

    Best mouse/rat catcher....no stink, no poison......believe me it works! It costs 60 dollars U.S., but has continued to keep us mouse and rat free here in Florida.

    Victor Electronic Rat Trap.....as seen on How Clean is your house out of England!

    It's a little tunnel that runs on batteries. You put a little bait at the opposite end and once the fellows go in they connect the charge.

    Easy. You never have to look or touch. Just dump upside down into the trash.....The thing flashes a red light when you have a kill.

    I have tried every possible solution here in Florida and this by far is the best! No stink, no hassle, no bother!


  • Quirky1

    Mouthy - I was raised on a farm and you are doing everything I would do. They do make rat traps if you think you have one. They also make some bait traps for rats with a stronger poison. Also more humane traps, catch and release. I do not recommend this unless you plan on driving them a long ways away.


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Apparently a good way to catch them is to put food on the traps for a week without setting them - this gets the rats/mice used to being fed there safely. Then you set the traps!

    Try chocolate or a slice of potato instead of cheese too - they aren't as keen on cheese as was originally thought!!

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Hi Mouthy,

    Sorry to hear about your dirty rat.We had one once,only one, a few years ago and we tried a sonic sound vermin shifter it was expensive and didn't work and the canary died( maybe a coincidence) I went down to the kitchen one morning and it had ripped through a bag of garbage it looked like a fox had got in. It chewed half way through a wooden rolling pin, it chewed practically all the way through an electric cable, it was crafty though, it didn't chew enough to electrocute its self.It tried to chew its way up through a floor board while I was hitting it's whiskers with a hammer .It tried to chew it's way through the bottom of a closed door.I chased it from top to bottom.It used to go back to bed around eight in the morning because I could hear it creeping above in the loft space.It had no fear and oh boy was it fast!

    In the end I got that mad I put poison down in the loft space, within one day it had stopped it.About a week later as I went out through the front door I noticed an appalling stench.I opened the meter cupboard and nearly choked it had gone and died under the loft insulation which I had put in thinking it was vermin proof.The rat ended up on a bonfire in the garden .

    All we get now, and that is out in the garden, is an occasional frog and a hedgehog.Put plenty of poison down but take care if you have pets and good luck.

  • brinjen

    Mouthy, my mum used to use the bottle and bucket method. A bucket filled about a third of the way with water, place a glass bottle over the top with the bait in the middle and either ends greased. Mouse goes for the bait, slips and falls into the bucket of water. Worked every time.

    Until I got Kitty, the ginger an white tom, then we never saw another mouse again.

  • hillbilly

    all the poisons should dehydrate the rodents carcass... if they die in the wall or attic and dont dry up you get a pretty funky smell about the house.

    I have 2 mostly outside dogs and to indoor cats... not much gets into the house anymore.


  • mouthy

    Oh when I read all this ....I am so scared .I have no pets. So not worried about that. I will,have to remember to pick up the poison when the Great grand kid comes.

    I am SO afraid of rats. In England many,many years ago. An Aunt of mine was in her basement ,her few month old baby was sleeping in the carriage in the basement with her., She went to look at the baby to make sure she was still sleeping, her throat had been eaten...she was dead.,. The Police & others that came said it was a rat.......Thank you every one I am praying it is mice I think I could cope with that.....

  • Velvetann

    Victor Electronic Rat Trap.....

    That sounds like a great method, the best yet. Wonder if we can get those here???

    Mouthy I don't think you have rats, they make big holes in the baseboards to get in unless you have open ducts or something.

    Good luck with the Warfarin..

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy


    You know they are dead when you fing irridescent green turds laying around......

  • restrangled


    Order it on line:

    victor® electronic mouse trap & electronic rat trap

    Victor® Electronic Mouse TrapThe Victor electronic mouse trap delivers an electrical shock to exterminate mouse in seconds. Unique tunnel design engineered to prevent mouse from escaping. Built-in safety feature deactivates unit if door is accidentally opened. 4 AA batteries trap approximately 50 mice. Indicator light will blink red when batteries need to be replaced.

    Same great product, new packaging, plus batteries included!!!

    M252B - electronic mouse trap

    Victor® Electronic Rat Trap The Victor electronic rat trap activates when the rat completes the circuit by touching the metal plates inside the plastic housing and features a patent pending design that prevents escapes. The electronic rat trap will exterminate about 12 rats using one set of four “C” batteries, and a red indicator light flashes when the batteries are low and need to be replaced.

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