700 million babies to be slaughtered

by hamsterbait 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • hamsterbait

    The world population increases by 70 million each year.

    This means that on the day Armageddon strikes, at least 700 000 000 babies under the age of 10 wil be slaughtered.

    192 000 of these will be less than 24 hours old, many of them killed with their head barely hanging out of their mothers vagina.

    How can the Witlesses love a God that would do this - even long for it??

    It strikes me that for the Witlesses morality is entirely relative.

    I well remember the Kingdumb Song: "Some paint God cruel" (WT does!!!)


  • DT

    Some Witnesses might ignore their own teachings and claim that God will decide to save these kids. In that case every Witness will have to take care of about 100 traumatised orphans. It doesn't make any sense.

  • jaguarbass

    It's not just the witnesses, it is all bible beliving Christians of which the witnesses are but a tiny fraction.

    Armegeddon and the end of the world is a bible concept not a jw concept. Just because the baptist and the catholics dont read their bibles doesnt mean that they are not worshiping the same god who behaves the same way.

  • changeling

    Yes, the loving god of the Bible will slaughter all those babies for "his own name's sake". Lovely creature.


  • easyreader1970

    All of those millions of babies and children are "incorrigibly wicked". Didn't you know?

  • IP_SEC

    Its more energy efficient than burning them in hell i guess.

  • Robdar

    We don't need armageddon to slaughter the little ones. Abortion is legal. Why use Jehovah to do the slaughtering when we have mothers willing to do it?

  • dazednotconfused

    They will not be destroyed. Just trust in Jehovah. Everything will magically work out in perfect, loving harmony. 10 million years from now, who will remember what happened anyways.

  • karvel

    good. i hate kids.

  • R.Crusoe

    We are now seeing numerology face up to the WT- and from hamsterclass! Wait till the superior species get in on the act.

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