700 million babies to be slaughtered

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    Any unbeliever that attacks God of the Bible on the issue of death of children is making himself a fool of himself. Such a person is not changing the fate of the children a bit as he is reconciled himself to the fact he will die sooner or later and children will die also sooner or later regardless of Armaggedon ! All will die sooner or later if God Yahweh doesn't exist ! If you die as a 100-year old or 21 year old in the final account doesn't count and you will know it for sure when death will face you !

  • nomoreguilt

    OBVES........ Say What??????? Smoking weed again my friend??? WHEEEEEEW!


  • ldrnomo

    Stoke up Hitler's ovens!

  • Gregor

    That will teach the little buggers to crap their pants!

  • S3RAPH1M

    When rejecting all religion: http://www.deism.com/

  • real one
    real one

    nmg says:

    Realone BELIEVES and PREACHES this crap that babies along with everyone else are going to burn in hell. Thank you very much realone. Now we know your true colors.

    HOW in HELL can anyone accept this crap as bible truth??? The god of the NT is not the same god as the OLD testament, if you still believe there is a god at all.......Prove it to me....


    nmg, i dont know who is going to burn in hell, thats up to God.

  • reniaa

    Current figures are that 4 million babies are aborted world-wide each year.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Yes, but didn't the society advise us time and again not to have children? Is god to blame because we didn't listen to his loving counsel?

  • cameo-d
    Watchtower 1950 11/15 p. 463 Questions From Readers *** Children are affected by the course of their parents, and parents are warned that their iniquity is visited on their offspring unto the third and fourth generation. (Ex. 20:5, 6)

    MUST SEE VIDEO.......(short)................... http://www.dieoff.org/b1.html

    Why do animals cooperate?

    Animals evolved to co-operate because,

    over thousands of generations, the animals that co-operated left more descendants than those that did not.

    Animals co-operate to kill other animals.

    This behavior is not cultural, it's genetic.

  • beksbks

    Just remember gang, god is love. Loyal love. This truth cheers us from above.

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