700 million babies to be slaughtered

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  • jwfacts

    Babies are evil and deserve to be destroyed. They get their evil genes from their parents

    Watchtower 1950 11/15 p. 463 Questions From Readers ***
    Children are affected by the course of their parents, and parents are warned that their iniquity is visited on their offspring unto the third and fourth generation. (Ex. 20:5, 6) Parents are commanded to instruct their children in God’s way, and if in these last days parents refuse to heed the divine instruction and warning they bring destruction upon themselves and their small children at Armageddon. (Deut. 6:6, 7; Eph. 6:4) According to justice God can leave such children dead, for, as Ezekiel showed, all die in their iniquity.

    *** rs p. 47 - p. 48 Armageddon ***
    What will happen to young children at Armageddon?
    The Bible does not directly answer that question, and we are not the judges. However, the Bible does show that God views the young children of true Christians as “holy.” (1 Cor. 7:14) It also reveals that in times past when God destroyed the wicked he likewise destroyed their little ones.

  • LouBelle

    Let's be happy that we don't believe in that any more.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    The Globalist plan to kill off 80% of the worlds population ... let's worry about that 1st.


  • WTWizard

    I can remember a song by Wu Tang Clan that has a skit following the song where some thugs shoot a baby, and the mother goes on crying about it. And that caused a stir about this kind of music.

    Folks, that was just one baby! At that, it was just a skit and not real life. One baby killed in a skit, and people have a fuss about it. For sure, the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger fussed about that one. And here they are, telling us that more than 700 million babies are going to die, just as gratuitously, for nothing more than their parents not doing all they could to proclaim some Almighty Baghead's message. And no one is trying to censor them, even though they are presenting this as reality!

    Makes sense. Censor a musical recording where one baby gets shot, as entertainment and fiction, and allow the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger to threaten destructions of hundreds of millions of babies as fact.

  • Borgia

    funny, they would quote 1 Cor 7:14. This is about a Christian being married to one who is not and the couple has kids. Normally these kids would have been regarded as filth.....by Paul et all. Thank goodness for the loving provision of babtism............for young kids.......

    I had a discussion about Gods cruelty the other day with one of the priests from our local temple. He said something to the effect that our outlook after death, of being in a sleep like state instead of burning in a place of torment, was consistent with a loving God. But when it came to this kind of thing the answer was: trust, faith, la la la.

    The thing is: the God of the Bible has already shown in his flood myth to be totally inconsiderate of whether or not a child is under or over age 10. However, he has shown in later periods to be particularly picky about the sex the child had and whether or not it has had sex.......

    Sure, this is consistent with a loving God....The guy did not have an answer. He just picked an argument where he thinks his idears are supported. The rest of the body of evidence are conveniently left out of consideration.....How happy these JW's must be....


  • real one
    real one

    Armegeddon and the end of the world is a bible concept not a jw concept. Just because the baptist and the catholics dont read their bibles doesnt mean that they are not worshiping the same god who behaves the same way.

    I am from a baptist backgroung and I do read my Bible thank you! God is love. Whatever he decides to do will be justice. He created us all so i would think he can do as he pleases.

    Stop talking about how cruel you think God is and serve him. It is your only hope. Or believe what the witnesses have taught you. the part about not burning in hell for eternity. You'll just not exist anymore yeah right. like Satan told Eve, oh you wont surely die.

    Jesus Christ died for us all. Repent and come back to God!

  • Robdar
    I am from a baptist backgroung

    I should have figured you are were/are a baptist. Oh well, that explains everything. The question remains what sort of baptist? Southern? Missionary?


    We don't learn about God Yahweh and death from those who are ignorant in understanding of the Bible !

    Only those qualified servants of God Yahweh and Jesus Christ can speak about who is God of the Bible and what is death and the consequnces of sinful life .

    I would rather die as a baby or a child for whatever reasons than to live up to the age of 120 years and be an unbelieving person. We are livning in the time as prophesied by Dabniel prophet when the understanding of the Bible will increase immensely ! And that new understandings are giving a death blow to all false religions and individuals who claim to be true believers but are not as they are not accepted in the end-time God's salvation plan.

    What matters is not how long we live but what is going to happen to us after our present life ends ? Is our life guranteed to continue is what matters in actuality and only God Yahweh can extend our lives indefiniely. If we gonna die all our present lives become senseless.In the moment of death all that we did will be forgotten and we will cease to exist once for all the time !

    Even now having 58 years behind me I see almost no difference whether I lived 58 years or 34 years or 22 years as all past becomes as one lump of the past thing and when writing this post I may completely ignore my past life and what matters is what I am feeling now , what I am doing now . So, what counts is that our lives are ensured to continue as we can live only with the present moment and our driving force is the future , we don't have to look back in our lives ! So , how many years we have behind us doesn't matter.

    God Yahweh is the just God and no one will die unjustly ! So not a single baby is lost as these babies will have a chance to be born again in the Paradise and have a chance to live further. There will be marriages in the Paradise - Psalm 128. I am looking into that time when I will be able to marry and have thousands of children and many will be born again who lived before whose parents will not live any more but their babies must live and someone must give them birth or they can be resurrected at the age they died.

    The horrifying thing is also that most people don't realize what is death . They think about this present life as the only life there is so they built their foolish doctrines on this understanding showing how they misunderstand God of the Bible.

  • jambon1

    A lot of Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs amount to pure & utter filth.

  • nomoreguilt

    Realone BELIEVES and PREACHES this crap that babies along with everyone else are going to burn in hell. Thank you very much realone. Now we know your true colors.

    HOW in HELL can anyone accept this crap as bible truth??? The god of the NT is not the same god as the OLD testament, if you still believe there is a god at all.......Prove it to me....


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