Who CONFIRMED the BIG announcement about the Book Study?

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  • Copernic
    the book studt conductor said "it is something you will remember when you are 400 years old".

    What a jerk ! Has he no ambition ?

    400 years ? So what ? After 400 years, Alzheimer ?

  • WTWizard

    Probably the one person that had legal access to the announcement and blabbed it on the forum. They are supposed to keep their big mouths shut until it's time, and they open their big mouth and blab it on the Internet when told not to. And, since so many confirm that it is the book study, I would assume there is a good chance (95%+) of its being true.

    However, there is still the outside chance that it was made up speculation. Something tells me that it could (but not necessarily will) be something so wimpy as an announcement that they will be meeting for field circus after the boasting session or another reminder about sticking with "legal" rooms for the Grand Boasting Session. However, given the close to unanimous speculation that it is the book study, I would put my money on its being true.

  • shopaholic

    I have several close relatives that are the PO at there congregation. I'm tempted to call and ask. But I'll just wait until Sunday. I wonder if its worth going to the meeting to hear it first hand?

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    Anyway, she told me that the book studt conductor said "it is something you will remember when you are 400 years old"

    LULZ!!!!! This almost makes me wish it was something as little as a change in cleaning times at District Conventions.

  • Cindi_67

    It is true, I have a friend who's husband is an elder, and she told me about the elimination of the Book Study meeting. I don't know if this a two part announcement but the Book Study part is confirmed.

  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom

    Thanks all for your replies and especially for the ones sharing their confirmation stories.

    It does seem like this so-called rumor is true.

    I did my part and mentioned about a BIG announcement to my PO. Although I didn't mention the fine details in order not to throw up too many red flags, I did say that I heard about a major organizational restructuring program that will start next hear to simplify the needs of everyone. I also said that this announcement wouldn't never been imagined by JWs, especially long-timers in the organization.

    He was surprised that I knew that much. Also a little disturbed. He confirmed what I said and told me that this is strictly confidential and that even the elder body in my congregation didn't know of this change.....yet. He also told me that in order to avoid unneccessary confusion, I ought to keep to the direction of it being confidential.

    "Confidential?", I said with a smile.

    I left it at that.

    Alligator Wisdom (aka Brother NOT Exerting Vigorously by WTS standards)

  • dozy

    Just a few more musings on the “consolidation” of the book study:

    I’m convinced that the primary reason is simply that the WTS can’t afford to be a volume producer of books , other than Bible study aids such as the “Teach“ book , that are offered to the public. We’ve seen how the WTS has reduced the frequency of Watchtowers & Awakes , changed the formats to paperback , reduced the size of the calender and in numerous other ways reduced its output. They even tried to negate a large reprint of the Revelation Climax book by publishing a list of “corrections“ in the KM.

    The present arrangement book study arrangement impels the WTS to produce a new book every year or so which is “given away” at the convention. A simple solution is to half the length of the study , but clearly brothers are not going to travel to a separate meeting for a 30 / 35 minute meeting. With this new arrangement , a new release only needs to be made occasionally , supplemented by studying & the existing publications , especially the “Bible Teach” book.

    I’m sure that this change has been forced on the WTS but will have been fought tooth & claw by many on the GB. The system works with a continual “drip feeding” of constant meetings & indoctrination - dropping a meeting is an anathema to the establishment. While they will encourage the brothers to have an evening witnessing arrangement or encourage a “shepherding evening” , this won’t be taken up and most brothers will simply enjoy an extra night off.

    The big driver for change in the WTS is the haemorrhaging of cash , which may yet force further , deeper , more desperate changes , including increasingly strident calls for donations. You’ll recall that the main factor that brought down communism wasn’t ideology or popular calls for change - the Soviet Union simply ran out of money. If there had been $120 per barrel of oil in the 80’s the Berlin Wall would still be up. If there was still paid for literature , there would still be a home book study.

  • Copernic

    Dozy !

  • JimmyPage

    Who confirmed it? My dad did today! He's visiting from out of state (he's a PO). He said there will be a big announcement Sunday. I said, "You mean about changes to the book study?" He said, "There's more to it than that." I said, "The combining of the book study with the service meeting and school?" He said, "You're not supposed to know that." LOL!

  • still_in74

    I can confirm also. I saw the letter.

    Only POs are supposed to know until Sunday. As noted a shortening and combining with TMS and SM to take effect Jan. 1, 2009.

    B the X

    this is sooo awesome. My BS conductor is like listening to water drip. I heard a brother ask my BSO about it last night. I couldnt believe it! He asked if a letter from the GB was being read on Sunday. An MS was beside me and he laughed and said "they ain't saying anything about that one!" - so here I was keeping quiet and all the dubbies knew about it!

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