Who CONFIRMED the BIG announcement about the Book Study?

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  • yesidid

    You should have it. I sent it.

    Please send it again, the gremlins must have eaten it.

  • Gordy
    he asked me how did I know about it? This is supposed to be secret. Then he said: "Why I bother keeping it secret, if everybody knows". LOL. He was frustrated. So, yes. He confirmed it. I didn't explained how I learned about it, of course!

    I agree with that PO. When the change in not "charging" for literature came about I was Literature Servant and had to keep it to myself until the announcement at the KH. Two days before this a sister says to me "I hear that we are not going to charge for literature anymore" !!

    When I mentioned this to the PO he said "There are some Elders who can't keep their mouths shut." Another Elder said that "Bodies of Elders tend to leak like a sieve."

    This I know from personal experience after my Judicial Committee appearance. At a Circuit Assembly a couple of weeks later a JW Elder from a congregation 50 miles away from mine. Came up to me to say how sorry he was to hear what had happened, he even metioned things that were only discussed in the JC.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy
    I heard and strongly believe it has to to with the preaching work door to door ending. Any word or truth about that?

    The preaching work actually ended a long time ago. These pioneers and others are just logging time and making coffee and donut runs! My fatehr in law's 2nd and current wife drives her pioneer van everyday in the service. She has been logging many many hours per day for almost ten years and has brought in exactly ZERO fruit to jah. Not one single person has been baptized or studied longer than a few weeks with her. Holy spirit my ass! Churro chasing, frog assed bitch!

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    My brother who is still in said he asked a friend and the friend confirmed it was something major, his friend also claimed that it was not about Hotels.

  • sacolton

    but why is this taking effect on January 2009? Why not immediately?

  • Copernic
  • sir82
    but why is this taking effect on January 2009? Why not immediately?

    My guess is, this will affect the way that CO visits are handled. It was always a big production to have 3 meeting nights at the Kingdom Hall during the CO visit, now that will be reduced to 2 meeting nights (probably).

    They probably want to take time to allow COs to finish up their current round of visits before rolling out the revised schedule.

    I'm guessing they are announcing it now because summer district conventions have not started yet, if they don't do it now (or very soon) they'd have to wait until September or so to announce it, and maybe they think that 3 or 4 months notice is too quick for folks to adjust to?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Perhaps a consolidation in KH are in order. More congregations per KH would require less meetings to fit everyone in. Property to be sold off? I know that Real Estate in Los Angeles is a premium

  • NikL

    Last night my JW wife informed me about this big announcement that was to take place this Sunday in every cong. all over the Earth.

    I knew nothing about it as I have not been on these boards for a while.

    Anyway, she told me that the book studt conductor said "it is something you will remember when you are 400 years old".

    Given that statement I have a hard time believing that it is only a change in meeting arrangements as some seem to think.

    I realise that the dubs have a history of building suspence for their big announcements but this one seems different somehow.

  • JH

    Whatever they announcement, it's man made, and has nothing to do with God.

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