Is anybody else both fascinated and creeped out...

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  • Jewel
    Jewel the FLDS brouhaha down in Texas? Obviously the doctrine is WAY different, but there are so many similarities: the haunted look in so many eyes, the oppressively patriarchy, the lack of feeling, the use of fear and separation for control, the whole everyone-else-is-evil mentality.

  • stillajwexelder

    some of the women actually look inbred - and some of the men

  • BizzyBee


  • momzcrazy
    some of the women actually look inbred - and some of the men

    They are. Born and raised in Utah, saw it too many times. momz

  • changeling

    Creeped out yes. Fascinated no. I can bearly stand to look at them.


  • loosie

    when the women talk it sounds pre recorded.

    I guess they have a ban on plucking facial hair, one of them has a unibrow

  • Hortensia

    very creepy - what complete control can do to a person. I try not to watch it. I was appalled to learn that the child protective services people were keeping all those kids in a stadium - that can't be good for them.

  • SacrificialLoon

    It's interesting, sad, and somewhat scary to see what strange things people can be convinced to do. We were convinced to do many things contrary to human nature, and watching this spectacle on TV sometimes I wondered what I would be like had I been raised in an FLDS sect or some other cult rather than JWs. Would I have been able to figure out it was all a sham sooner, or not at all, just how conditioned could I have become? It can be a disturbing thought experiment.

  • Layla33

    Yes and yes.

    I remember a client I had, she had one of these very rare mental defiencies brought on by brother and sister or first cousins having children, it was probably one of the most fascinating studies I have ever had. Seeing some of those pictures reminds me of that.

  • joebin

    personally I think it's the men who should be locked up in the stadium till they figure this out, not the kids. However, maybe some of the older kids will get to see another side of life and realize theirs was not exactly normal.

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