Is anybody else both fascinated and creeped out...

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  • FlyingHighNow
    Like I said some people in the US think child rape and murder are OK as long as it is in the name of Jesus, and not Allah.

    I'd say that has got to be a tiny percentage of people. Most people, even very devout Christians, abhor rape of any kind and murder of any kind to say the least. This is something done under the guise of God's approval. Joseph Smith liked the idea of polygamy. He used a fake religion to try to garner support and even respect for it. He didn't use traditional religion, he made one up. And it's likely any culture that promotes polygamy, rape, murder, abuse of women and children will factor in religion to win support. Why? Because the instigators understand that people are spiritual in nature. They also understand that people tend to be frightened easily and that they want to please and be liked.

    It's easier to scare people into submission than to beat them up all the time or jail them. Religion is a good way to accomplish control. But this doesn't mean that all religion is all bad. It means that people can be very devious creatures. And put those same devious people in a position of power and watch out. Look into North Korea sometime. Look at how the leader takes human nature and wields control by having his subjects worship him. Maybe he learned a thing or two from ancient Egypt.

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