Is anybody else both fascinated and creeped out...

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  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I feel the mothers and just women in general should be locked up also, for allowing this to happen to their own children, and the other children around them,

    I wonder if there is celebrating by all, when a 12 year old is taken in marriage, to an dirty old man?

    I would have also cleared out the compound, after I raided it, and searched for records. As a mother of a 12 year old daughter, taken for a wife, do I write it in the old family Bible? It is not registered down at the county court house. There has to be some kind of record keeping.

    I sure would hate to draw these peoples family tree!!! Even a computer would probably start smoking!

  • Evidently

    The uni-brow chick really creeps me out.....

    Now they are doing DNA tests to figure out who the parents are of all of these children, do the parents even know which kids are theirs??

    Guys who have gotten 14-15 year olds pregnant should have their male reproductive organs relieved from duty......

  • alamb

    I just watched a woman who "escaped" only because her mother took her children and fled. She is still wanting to get in touch with her family. There are hundreds of "lost boys" who are also shunned dumped on the streets in Southern Utah with no family or identities. Their are no birth records for them so they are literally invisible and trying to get aid.

    I have talked to JW's who are enthralled by this unfolding. I wonder if the similarities make it through their mental filters....especially using terms like worldly and apostacy.

  • Crumpet

    yeah read something about it - wondered if there are just too many men going round in the state of Texas - hopefully i can help with that.

  • oompa

    Oh dis bunch makes us look goooooooooood! The men and women can hardly even communicate. They are so stunned to be having to try and actually TALK to the guy on the news finally got out "i'm really confused." The way the women talk so high pitch and breathy, and tilt thier heads to the side...they are stepford wifes gone mad...............................oompa

  • Crumpet

    *cocks head to one side and looks vacant and grabs the vaccum cleaner*


  • sandy

    I just started looking for a thread on this crazy story and as soon as I saw "fascinated" and "creeped out" I knew exactly what you were talking about. LOL

    I'm watching some of these women being interviewed telling the reporter they are not brainwashed and they are loved and happy . . . blah blah blah and it seems like they are running on D batteries.

  • BizzyBee

    *cocks head to one side and looks vacant and grabs the vaccum cleaner*


    Ahhhh.......Stepford-Crumpet - who would have thought!

  • loosie

    now she's unstoppable

  • Jewel

    Yeah...It makes me so relieved to be out and it make me wonder how far some Dubs would go on instructions from their "prophets". I remember when the Jonestown thing happened, I knew that there were some in the congregation I'd left (at the time fairly recently) who would have downed that kool-aid in a minute if the GB had suddenly decided that THIS was the way to get a jump-start to the New Order.

    One of the reasons I was sure I was not going to make it through the Great Tribulation when I was in my late teens was because I knew that I could never be a good Witness wife. I wanted to be married, I wanted kids, but I knew I'd never be good at bein in "subjection" to my husband.

    Soooo...I haven't been to a regular meeting in over 20 years and I still wake up on Sunday mornings and feel absolute ELATION at the thought that I don't have to go to meeting...


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