If only the PO can read the letter the Society doesn't trust the elders

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  • truthseeker

    From all the reports here, it seems that only the Presiding Overseer can read the letter re: book study change - the elders aren't even allowed to know about it until at the earliest, a few minutes before the Sunday meeting.

    Doesn't this demonstrate lack of trust in the BOE by the faithful and discreet slave?

    They must know about renegade elders posting here.

    The presiding overseer is really just another elder who represents the BOE.

  • blondie

    Actually, when they passed on the info about blood transfusion being a disassociating act rather than df'ing, the CO did not let any of the elders even touch the "non-letter" he read from. No copy for the files either. Actually, I have found that the PO is no more likely to keep something confidential than any other elder. And if this info is confirmed on Sunday (which seems likely because I respect yesidid's sources), it will show that even the PO has to share with at least one other person.

  • footstepfollower

    I don't think the PO is any more tight lipped than any other elder but if you limit the exposure to one person they are hoping it will be spread less. Obviously not fail safe. So if you talk to a PO still and you have this info and you confront him, he isn't good a lying and is shocked you know.

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    The JW's make every day feel more and more like a job. This is just like when your work is going to implement a new plan, all the directors know about it first, they then tell their managers. The managers are not supposed to tell anyone, but they tell their friend employees who then tell everyone. Sometimes this is employed at my work to soften the blow of things being tightened up. Not shocking or anything just my two cents.

  • seek2find

    Didn't I hear somewhere that the position of PO was soon going to be eliminated and then all elders were to be on an equal plane? Is that still in the works? maybe someone can post a link to the thread where it was discussed, if there is any interest. seek2find

  • hillbilly

    this is an old JW home office trick.... special letters, special day, special announcement.

    builds a little tension and excitement... gets everyone to the Hall...and feeds a grapevine the size of TEXAS.

    JW's are the most speculative group of people I have ever dealt with.


  • Quirky1

    It all depends who the PO is. I've seen some that are very discreet in their dealings and I've seen some that are loose lipped to a certain few.


  • WTWizard

    The good news is all it takes is one blabbermouth to post the secret on this forum, and all the apostates will find out before anyone in the congregation even knows anything is going to happen.

  • easyreader1970

    Only elders were advised of a new Tract Campaign for October 20 - November 16.
    The tract is entitled "Do You Want to Know the Truth?". It is not a "Kingdom News" campaign. After the campaign, this tract will join the "regular rotation" of tracts to be used in the field ministry. It is designed to replace the "Do You Want to Know More About the Bible" tract . The goal is to use it to start "Bible" studies (so that the organization will have more people to contribute and those studies will then go on to get new studies that will result in more people contributing and then those studies........ well, you get the picture.)

    The goal is to cover all of the congregation's territory in 4 weeks, similar to other campaigns in the past. Unlike other campaigns, though, the congregations can order as many as they would like - they are not limited to 50 per publisher. Per the letter to the Body Of Elders, all of this is strictly confidential - so don't tell anybody, OK? Especially, don't tell the regular publishers - this was announced to elders only!

    The above was taking from this website: http://governingbodyletters.blogspot.com/2008/04/announcement-to-elders-only-new-tract.html

    Does this mean that the book study change is just an urban legend?

    Curses! I was looking forward to getting that extra night off.


    It is quite true- WT do not trust in elders

    Some letters are only for circuit or district overseers

    For exemple some sensitive issues (like beeing dissociated for accepting a blood transfusion)

    That also prevents to be accused for oposers, cause it is more difficult to prove.

    This time they want to make a big surprise, and thought if all elders knew, they might start telling to a lot of people.

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