Raised as a witness in the deep south, the Heart of Dixie, as it's called. Have had doubts for years, but suppressed them. I was disfellowshipped for Apostasy in March of 2008 after a 13 year struggle still wanting to believe it was the truth. I lived a secret life during those years, in which my participation in this forum, was a part. I Have only in the last 4 years or so come to know the real Jesus Christ. I want to serve him and help others any way I can to realize that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is just another of the many illusions that has been devised by man, so as to distract them from the real hope for Salvation, which is Christ alone. I don't agree with everything posted on this forum and strongly disagree with much of it. But I view this board like a group that attends AA meetings, they may have different views about God and religion but what they hold in common is their struggle to get past their addiction, and in the case of this board,to get over their abusive past experience. My advise to others questioning or doubting is to pray to God in sincerity, and ask him to reveal himself and the real truth to you. James 4:8 say Draw close to God and he will draw close to you. It is my firm belief that God loves us all and wants us to put forth our best efforts to serve him. If we do, we have the promise recorded in his word at Heb 11:6 that he ...becomes the rewarder of those earnestly seeking him. The photo I'm using as my avatar is of a Jesus sign on a hill on the Indian Nation turnpike in Oklahoma, I found to be inspiring while traveling. I'd like to know who made it. If you know the story behind it please drop me a line by PM.