Your Favour Rock Guitarist...

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  • tijkmo

    david gilmour..steve hackett..mike rutherford..brian may..steve howe..steven wilson..steve rothery

    i also need a guitarist to add to a song not just meander aimlessly...which is why my fave guitarists are all members of my favourite bands.

    (pink floyd..genesis..queen..yes..porcupine case anyone is interested)

    and why guitarists like satrinai, via, malgsteen may be technically better...they are so mind numbingly boooooorrrrrrrrring i can't even be bothered spelling their names correctly.

    drum solos, ego inspired guitar solos, light sabre fights....seen one seen them all

  • Tuesday

    drum solos, ego inspired guitar solos, light sabre fights....seen one seen them all

    Preaching to the choir here

    If the solo sounds like the song is incomplete without it then I feel it's a phenominal solo, if the solo just seems tacked on to show off, or because there has to be a solo in every song, dont' bother. I usually scream out "Mandatory 80's solo" during most hair metal songs.

  • Pubsinger

    Second time today I agree with Tij (see quiz . . .)

    Vai, Malmsteen and Satriani were the 3 that came to mind - and they don't do anything for me no matter how fast they widddly woo all day . . .
    Of the 3 above I prefer Satriani because at least "Flying in a Blue Dream" had "songs" on it.

    My award for "can't watch him without it putting a big smile on your face" goes to Angus Young from AC/DC

    But my favourite like Tij would have to go to (possibly) my all time favourite band . . .

    Robert Smith from The Cure - very underated

  • Pubsinger
  • MsMcDucket

    Kurt Cobain (Love it when the guitar says "Hello! Hello! Hello!)


    Ernie Isley

  • Sunspot

    Stevie Ray Vaughan, without a moment's hesitation!

  • MsMcDucket
  • daystar

    I agree with DanTheMan. Joe Satriani is supreme. Although, Steve Vai... man, that guy's got skills.

  • Quirky1

    Eric Clapton

    Eddie VanHalen


  • Low-Key Lysmith

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