Your Favour Rock Guitarist...

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  • justhuman

    So who is it?

    I will vote for Ritchie Blackmoore because:

    1.He has excellent guitar technic

    2.He plays with passion and feels every single note he hits on the freds

    3. He wrote great rock music and songs like: "Child in Time" "Soldier of Fortune" "Temple of the King" "Catch the Rainbow" "Gates of Babylon" "When a blind man cries" "Smoke on the Water" "Mistreaded" just to mention few...

    4. He likes to improvise on stage

    5. He is a Rock Guitar legend

  • DanTheMan

    Joe Satriani. He has released many great albums, but Surfing With the Alien (1986) and Crystal Planet (1998) are unequalled rock guitar masterpieces.

    Honorable mention - Jimmy Page.

  • cab1000

    I know how lame this answer may seem, but, you asked....

    Chad Kroeger of Nickleback

  • Mrs. Witness
    Mrs. Witness

    Well, he's technically more blues than rock, but I vote for Robin Trower.

  • DaCheech

    Yngwie Malmsteen

    eric johnson

  • Tuesday

    I'm a big fan of artists that do a solo on their songs but it really just adds to the song, it's not just a solo for the sake of soloing, or showing how good they are, etc. On that front listening to Santeria by Sublime the solo in that is basically perfect to me.

    Also a local band from my home town Sick Sense has an amazing guitarist. On the bass front the band Clockwise has a fantastic bass player that really adds to their songs.

  • 2112

    All those mentioned so far are awesome! I do have a few more..

    Vito Bratta - White Lion, Michael Schenker - UFO & MSG, Ric Emmit - Triumph, Kim Mitchel - Max Webster, Steve Vai,

    The number one in my opinion would have to be whoever is playing at the moment as they are all great.

  • momzcrazy

    Zakk Wylde my kids' Uncle Zakk. Tony Iommi.




  • Evidently
    The number one in my opinion would have to be whoever is playing at the moment as they are all great.

    Alex Lifeson - Rush.......My ears are ringing right now from seeing them live last night......his unique ability to fill space, it is amazing how much music the 3 of them put out in a live concert.

  • sooner7nc

    David Gilmore

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