WARNING deeply philosophical...Have you ever wondered...

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  • jaguarbass

    Maybe we evolved, there is no god and this life is all their is. And maybe we are eternal and all the galaxies planets and stars are our play ground.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    My take on things is this.

    The Bible Book of Genesis states in the begiining that it is the history of "The Earth". What I believe is it is just that. I doubt that we are the center of God's Anything. What I think happened is this little green planet with beasts led by intelligent beasts and overseen by an angel messed up. Bad. We are in a condition that is far removed from where God wants us to be. Satan was or is allowed run of heaven, but his time was or will be limited according to Revelation and he will be cast out of heaven in order to preserve the purity of it. He must be Quarantined for lack of a better word.

    Now us, we need to be quarantined too, if my theory is correct. My teory is that we are but a small group of people in God's family. I have suspicions that there is life out there that are our brothers or cousins or something. Imagine how we might corrupt the rest of the family if we are allowed to cough on them with our galactic sinful koodies! So, we are possibly isolated much like someone removes a bad apple from the barrel before it spoils the whole effin' thing.....

    Am I way off my rocker? Or do I make some sense??

  • serotonin_wraith

    I was thinking about this the other day while watching the intro to the film Contact.

    Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNAUR7NQCLA

    Watching that will really put you in your place and help you see where I'm coming from.

    Though I cannot say with 100% certainty of course, I do not see a universe where the most important 'creation' is humankind. I can throw the Biblical god out of the window right away. It's such a small petty god and I feel it completely undermimes the beauty and wonder of the universe.

    Think about it: A being that creates everything... EVERYTHING. Billions upon billions of celestial bodies, billions upon billions of life forms. The scope and vision required is unimaginable. Yet this god considers homosexuality a sin, he thought women should be killed if they didn't scream loudly enough during rape, he allowed billions of creatures to struggle for survival in an unforgiving world for billions of years before humans evolved naturally. Mass extinctions, the dinosaurs inhabiting this planet for millions of years while humans have only had 120,000 years. 6,000 years ago (remember the universe is 15 BILLION years old!) he finally lets us know that humans are his most important creation and that they are the only creatures that can live for eternity after death. That is, if you worship him alone for he can get a bit jealous. Jealous?! The creator of the entire universe suffers with a human emotion which evolved naturally from 'lower' life forms?! He will kill you or send you to a place to burn forever if you don't believe he sent his son to the Middle East 2,000 years ago because he cared sooo much for us?!

    The universe has been a 'fallen creation' since the start. It has absolutely nothing to do with man. Humans were born into a world which was already full of suffering. Which is why I have to pick up on this point from Sad emo:

    Correct theological understanding teaches that God sent his son to redeem the whole of creation , not just mankind - so that includes all the planets and their inhabitants, all the galaxies, all the stars, all the black holes plus whatever else yo want to add - hence all the references in the Bible to 'creation groaning' - and more impotantly the new heavens and new earth - when the redemption is completed, they will be renewed and cleansed

    Most of the elements in the Universe come from the DESTRUCTION of stars. Without that 'groaning' no planet would have formed, no life would have come about. We owe our existence to the death of something else's existence.

    Galaxies collide, most animals go extinct, eventually planet Earth will be destroyed too. I do hope our species makes it off in time to continue surviving. Science fiction it may sound right now, but that's what was thought about landing on the moon at one time. No one's saying it won't take thousands of years. Of course, what chance do we have to grow and for some or all humans to make the permanent move away from this planet when most of this insignificant (in the grand scheme of things) species believes in a small minded creator that listens to their thoughts and promises eternity in the afterlife for talking or singing to oneself or reading ancient writings from other arrogant and uninformed humans who hadn't even invented plumbing.

    The universe is much more wonderous than anything humans have imagined about their place in it or their god, and I wish more people would search for the real answers instead of pretending to be humble about their impending eternal life in a perfect magical realm.



    A well written and interesting take on life and the universe, though rather deep for a gladiator.

    Sirona suggested that we are all part of all part of something wonderful - that is life.

    The idea that there is a separate entity sitting on a throne in heaven making petty rules and tempting his first humans with a fruit tree, is absurd.

  • joebin

    Or maybe we are the first intelligent species to have evolved so far. We can't assume other intelligent life forms exist on other planets just because the universe is huge, we could be the first and only ones.

    Even if, there were other life forms, the distance that separates us would make it impossible for anyone to visit other planets in their own lifetime. And even if you could, would you really want to spend the next 40 billion years in a spaceship just to get there, actually to get to the closest system. You can't go any faster than the speed of light.

    So here we are in the middle of nowhere, alone and stuck with each other. The thought is depressing especially the way we're behaving.

    The search goes on, but I would like to know. Still waiting for a proof of some kind.

  • real one
    real one

    I think that this is a wonderful thought. It opens up so many questions and possibilities. I dont often think of these things but am glad to read such a post. Of all the things that cloud my mind this is truly a glorious thuoght .


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