WARNING deeply philosophical...Have you ever wondered...

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  • beksbks

    Hehe Robdar, I just watched that a few days ago. One of the best parts of the whole thing.

  • Robdar

    Hehe Robdar, I just watched that a few days ago. One of the best parts of the whole thing. Beksbks, isn't a great movie?

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    riverofdeceit-I really understand where your coming from. I consider myself a spiritual atheist. I recognize that man needs some form of an answer to the great question's of life. But, back to the original topic. It does seem kinda inane to put on hold a whole universe based on the events of some backwater planet that cant even decide between taste great and less filling.

  • WTWizard

    Or, maybe that is why Jehovah is hellbent on getting His Second Dark Ages on this planet. It is a throwaway--and so are we--to Him. Frustrate people here, prevent people from ever having any fun--after all, there are quintillions of other more significant stars where His real Friday Night Essence lie.

  • watson

    "It" didn't.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Correct theological understanding teaches that God sent his son to redeem the whole of creation, not just mankind - so that includes all the planets and their inhabitants, all the galaxies, all the stars, all the black holes plus whatever else yo want to add - hence all the references in the Bible to 'creation groaning' - and more impotantly the new heavens and new earth - when the redemption is completed, they will be renewed and cleansed (not destroyed and recreated - strangely one teaching where JW's are closer to the mark than some mainstream Christian churches!)

    As to why God chose to send his son here and not elsewhere, I have no idea - maybe its because we're the lowest level of intelligence and thus the only ones dumb enough not to recognise him and then kill him cos we didn't like his message! Thus, in a wacky sort of way we were best suited for God's purpose!

  • daystar
    Our home galaxy contains up to 1 billion stars...our universe contains over 50 billion galaxies with billions of stars...WHY HERE would GOD take his stand...send his god son to deliver us...a big galaxy with a nondiscript star with a few planets and WE are the center of GODS attention...makes you wonder....sometimes...

    Just exemplifies the hubris of man. After all, the gods are made in our image.

  • sf

    Thank you Gary! She is Glorious, isn't She?

    I also worship The Lowered.



  • Sirona

    Why not consider that perhaps "God" is not separate from us, or from the universe as a whole.

    Our planet is just one of many planets whose inhabitants are all evolving (at their own particular pace). God and the universe itself is evolving together.

    Maybe Jesus was gods Son in the sense that he was able to let gods light shine through him more than others at the time. He inspired the human race to further spiritual development (if they had only listened to his actual message).

    As beings who are connected to all things, all things are available to us.


  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    Excerpt from "The Phoenix Papers":

    A Divine Being --
    composed of purest energy.

    The Grand Creator
    of all
    Matter and Energy,
    and Great Architect
    of the myriad rules
    that govern their behavior;
    My Savior!
    Supreme Lord over all
    their many manifestations,
    and incarnations,
    and permutations.

    Space and Time
    are also commanded,
    obeying without question --
    Why don't we?

    Cloaks of conformity
    are swiftly shed
    and unceremoniously dismissed.


    by sincere divination,
    the True Nature
    The Divine --
    Previously concealed,
    from the masses,
    at last it is
    and hailed:

    "Heaven and Earth --
    Do show yourselves,
    and your true Worth."

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