Photos of you with someone famous?

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  • sacolton

    Anyone have any pictures of themselves with someone famous (singer, actor, author, etc.)?

    I got a chance to meet Paul Williams (singer/actor) of "Phantom of the Paradise" and composer of great many songs like
    "Just An Old Fashioned Love Song", "The Rainbow Connection", "You and Me Against The World", "We've Only Just Begun", etc ...


    Post your pictures!


    Salcoton - you are a cutie! I have a picture of me with George Clooney and also William H. Macey but they are packed up somewhere.

  • sacolton

    Cute? Really?

    William H. Macey?!! Awesome! Does he look as sad in person? He's a great actor!


    Macey is amazing, beautiful smile, really he and Clooney are soooo nice and personable. I was really impressed with Bill because he's the one I really wanted to meet, I also think he is a great actor. He was so humble and chatted away about how great George was in the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

  • dinah

    William H Macy was great in "Fargo". It's one of my favorite movies.


    Me too Dinah - love the Coen brothers. They use a lot of the same actors in their movies.

  • babygirl75

    When I was 17 I got to go backstage and hang out with Travis Tritt. (country singer for those that don't know. Was pretty good back then!) I took my two sisters and neice back with me. It was the year he toured with Trisha Yearwood & Little Texas. Had a blast and got a ton of pic's. God I feel old!!! That was over 15 years ago!!!

  • momzcrazy

    I usually let my kids get the pictures with famous people, their school friends never believe them when they say they know them. They have pics with Miley Cyrus, Johnny Van Zant, Zakk Wylde, Uncle Cracker, Kenny Chesney, Gretchen Wilson...I can't remember everyone. And when you are "friends" with them, it's kind of tacky to ask for a pic IMO.

    I loved Macey in Wild Hogs. They couldn't have cast a better actor for that role!


  • Seeker4

    In my newspaper and journalism work I get to photograph and publish pics of a lot of famous people, but I'm always behind the camera. There are people who have photographed me with C. Everret Coop and Howard Dean, but I don't have copies!

    I've photographed BB King, Buddy Guy, Rascal Flatts, Lee Ann Womack, John Hiatt, Clint Black, Howard Dean, Saul Bellow, Ken Burns, the Bellamy Brothers, Richard Shindell, Wolf Kahn, James McMurtry, Fred Eaglesmith, Hayes Carll, Jon Dee Graham, Iris Dement, Dar Williams, Josh Ritter, George Jones, Shelby Lynne, Spyro Gyra, Carlos Santana.

    Those are the ones I can think of right off.


  • Velvetann

    I have no photos and I am dating myself but I partied with Roger Miller privately and also was dating a guy in Stan Kentons band and was hanging out with the guys in the band and Stan at house parties. I also met many singers/musicians as I used to work as a cocktail waitress at a club that had shows with famous artists every week in Toronto in my very Younger years.

    I met Barry Manilow in a restaurant in Palm Springs, California about 4 years ago. No photos ;-(

    I would love to meet William Macy, he is a great actor and seems like a really nice man.

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