What do you think fellow posters think of you?

by JH 81 Replies latest jw friends

  • JH

    I guess people think "photoshop" when they think of me. Yep, I love that.

    Oh, they also must think I have a screw loose

  • IP_SEC

    'oh he's soo mean'

  • JH

    While I was peeing my 2nd beer, i was thinking how I might be ground zero at Armageddon for strating such threads.....

  • JH
    'oh he's soo mean'

    Yes you are !!! You told that blind lady to cross the street knowing a car was coming.....

  • *summer*

    Hhmm...not too sure what fellow posters think of me.

    And perhaps it is better this way:-)

  • cognac
    'oh he's soo mean'

    awwwww - I thought it was the most sweetest thing you said to me in the other post... As for me, I don't know. However, I don't want to ask either...

  • avishai

    A few years ago, probably a pretty angry guy. I was. Still am to some degree, but I've mellowed considerably..

  • restrangled

    I think some old timers don't trust me due to some bad stuff that went on here, but you know what?....I am an honest and good person. I do care about your feelings and will always be a good friend and always think the best of everyone...those who know me understand, and those who don't...well I guess they are still angry.


  • wings

    IP_SEC Just how mean are you???

    I'm working on mean. I'm in theraphy, and I think all I can cleanly claim is obnoxious. But the good thing is I don't care. To be mean and not care will take a few more sessions.

  • SPAZnik

    I think they don't know what to think of me or they think I'm a SPAZ.

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