California JWs -- Are they different than most JWs?

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  • Smoky

    I went to california (LA/Valley) to visit some JW friends last year (im still fading out). At first they seem pretty normal for Midwesten JW Standards. But one night we went out for drinks at great lounge in West Hollywood called The "SKyBar". All kind of socialites, movie business people, talking about acting & stuff. it was exciting, i though i would see someone famous, but no dice. Then one buddy asked me, "have you meet all these brothers before"? Brothers? What Brothers? I said.

    It turned out 1/2 of the people in the bar were JW's....I was like NO WAY! Women scantly dressed (some look like models), Metrosexual model type guys, all kind of highly fashionable people getting there DRINK ON.

    It was so different, I mean...normal (worldy).

    What did i expect? To see them with badges? Im such a dope...but i did loved CALI.


  • owenfieldreams

    Based on my experience, a good many of them are. California is a very liberal state, and it's reflected in the culture out there,even to a degree with the jws. Couple that with the affluence that exists there, and I think that explains it.

  • hotchocolate

    Californians sound like Aussies!

    The alcohol intake in Oz is quite impressive.. :-) I've been to a ton of parties and weddings where witnesses were plastered, it pretty much never gets dealt with. If a group of witnesses are on holiday, the beer usually starts before lunchtime for the blokes. Doing "cash" jobs is pretty much the norm amongst any witness in the building industry, including elders. In the cities, I would guess about 30% of the younger single and married couples would go to clubs, and a much higher percentage go to pubs. The "popular" witnesses are the ones that are out partying, and the "spiros" are looked down on as a rule.

    Pretty funny.

  • besty
    we went out for drinks at great lounge in West Hollywood called The "SKyBar". All kind of socialites, movie business people, talking about acting & stuff. it was exciting, i though i would see someone famous, but no dice.

    hehhee - Sam and I love the SkyBar - in fact we've stayed at The Mondrian several times now and I'm organising a PR event there early in May - no JW's there that night as I'm booking the entire place :-) just for movie and Internet players..

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    ROTFLZZZZ at Leo's take on the Beach Boys

  • Seeker4

    Back here in the East we heard for years about how crazy the Cali JWs were.

    We used to hear that "Get Down" Brown (can't think of his first name at the moment, but you know the Bethelite I'm talking about) used to get sent out to CA all the time for special talks to get the rank and file out there back on track.


  • Dagney

    (going against my natural instiincts here to get involved with a "are California..." thread)

    Maybe you are thinking of JR Brown? The PR guy? The only reason he came to Cali is because they paid for him to come out and speak as he did in my hall several times. He had his own entourage, the talk was not great, in fact I can't stand him. There is no need to get them back on any track, it's all rumor. I don't know what the statistics are now, but when I was in there were more pioneer ratio per pub in Cali and more Bethelites from Cali than any other state. Could be the sheer size of the state, it is huge. But that was the stats from Bethel at the time.

    The rep just cracks me up.

    I wonder what JK666's take on Cali is? (hehehe)

  • JWdaughter

    I only knew a few from there-two married couples who (sisters twins) ended up in WA somehow. Nice couples, very involved, not 'shocking' in anyway or 'lax', but they WERE in a band, and played music at a wedding (and for the fun of it). I remember them playing "Proud Mary". For some reason this shocked me. . .though offhand I don't know what was shocking about it:)

    I studied with both the women(early/mid twenties when I was a young teen). The husband of one of them was kind of a 'stiff', but looking back, I think he really wasn't in the JW groove and probably FELT like he was wearing shorts two sizes too small. Which would tend to make one look uncomfortable and ill at ease-right? He and his wife later divorced for reasons I am unaware of, and I am sure he left the org. She remarried.

    Both the girls were pioneers when I knew them. I think they were some of the warmest and kindest JWs I ever met, though one of them is the one that led to my being DA'd at 15-for asking questions no one had an answer for that I could buy into. Not their fault. I wonder how they are. I hope Lynne and Lana and Terry and Jeff are all doing well and are happy in this year 2008. No one expected that we would all still be around her now-I wonder how that has affected them.

  • Purza

    I remember hearing about So. Cal. sisters not wearing nylons because it was hot in the summer -- and how that was a big deal to us sisters in the North because we had to wear them to all the conventions. How lame is that.

    I just ran in to an old friend (who is DF'd btw) and he told me about some of the wild parties he went to (he is in his 20s). He was an elders son and if he was going, then the other kids in the hall would be able go. He said alcohol was always there as well as pot and other drugs. However, I am sure that kind of behavior is not limited to California JWs.


  • wings

    Nice try, Hortensia. I know they are different....kinda like a combination of "I'm too good for it, and I'm easy and alright with it." California Special. Good people, just their own entity.

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