California JWs -- Are they different than most JWs?

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  • B_Deserter

    I've heard stories from people multiple times about their trips to California and how they were surprised to find out how lax the witlesses out there were concerning rules, behavior. Just wondering if anyone can confirm or deny that.

  • avishai

    it's a pretty big state. It varies from city to city, and also depends on how much of a jerk your DO is.

  • yknot

    OHHHH.....the SoCo and wealthy ocean KHs stories......juicy stuff.

    Lots of the Brothers do direct business with the WTS and are in on the RBC scam.

    Elderkids Gone Wild

    Some have deep moral corruption. Money can buy you position and immunity

    Others are just nice reasonable JWs who live and let live. Never really met any die-hard conformist.

    Almost all JWs I knew or met would be marked here in my TX KH.

  • Hortensia
  • SirNose586

    I can confirm a bit about the wealthy congregations here. I have not been in one, but I went to a party with them. They were talking about their cars (BMWs, Range Rovers) and how they were getting more. It was surreal, let me tell you. I think it can be more lax, certainly, but if you've got a hall full of older people, it can be pretty restrictive.

  • loosie

    Yes there is some wealth there.

    But the rules seemed pretty much the same in Orange County where I grew up, as anywhere else. Californians don't run around naked all day either.

  • avishai

    I think what folks are talking about is areas where wealth and status are more 'important' with the general public. It's not just CA, I've seen the same phenomenon all over the country, Reno, Honolulu, etc.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I have been a jw in New Mexico, Washington State, and California. I have seen no difference in my dealings with the jw's. There are some good ones in each hall, and in each state I have seen the same degree of corruption the higher up the ladder you go. The elder kids are mostly hypocrites, and they learn it somewhere. The elders and others with money in each state do tend to bully the poorer ones and get their way in everything they want.

  • Dagney
  • JimmyPage

    I always heard California JW get-togethers were huge and crazy. Sounded hella fun, made me jealous!

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