Duzzent enybody pruf reed thair thred topiks?

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  • Casper
    I'm not the best on grammar and never was. I occasionally will let the hubby annoy the heck out of me correct it. If he is no where is sight to ask something it goes as is. The best your going to get is a spell check.

    I agree with Hope,

    Sometimes all you're going to get is "Spell Check". I write like I talk.

    I feel this should be a place where we can just be ourselves, without worrying about trivial things.

    We've all had enough of that.


  • SPAZnik

    hahahaha ... spell check this: *mmmwua* ;)

  • BluesBrother

    If you download the Google Toolbar, it includes a spellchecker - but I bet that you still find some typo's .. But I agree with the thread...Lets at least try to write in correct English

  • WTWizard

    I usually use the back space key when I make a mistake. That makes for a post that is easier to read. The more typos and stupid spelling errors we post, the harder it is to get the full value out of it and therefore the less effective it is in dissuading someone from becoming a witless or going to the REJECT Jesus Party next year.

    Speaking of spelling errors, does everyone know that the words "lose" and "loose" are two different words? People spell "lose" (as in losing your keys) "loose". That is incorrect--and not just an alternate spelling. It has become very common in the past few years (I never saw that mistake when I was in school). "Loose" means "not tight, not firmly attached, not belonging to a group, etc. To maximize the value of our posts (and in general life), we should start paying attention to those basic spelling errors. Errors in complicated words that are often spelled incorrectly (and the incorrect spelling isn't a wholly different word) are to be expected, but the most common ones that appear in a third-grade spelling book should be corrected as much as we can.

    No, I do not expect perfection. Even Simon makes stupid mistakes (and ones that could turn a two second job into a forum outage lasting the morning). Typos do happen, and we do not always catch them all. And some people are confused with alternate spellings and words that are more difficult to spell. But everyone will benefit, ourselves included, if more of us are careful to catch the majority of our typos and fix the third grade spelling problems and errors.

  • watson

    It's not just the spelling, but the punktuation too!

  • joebin

    In my case it really takes all credibility out of what someone is saying, especially when discussing serious matters. A couple of typos or (worst) misused homonyms and I move to the next post or topic. I was brought up by a school teacher, so I guess its a dysfunction in my case.

    Note: If you use a spell check remember that they don't deal well with homonyms (words that sound the same but are written differently), they won't be flagged.

  • Gregor

    I'm not "hacked off" on the subject, lol. I find most of these amusing and I'm sure I've made a few myself. However, some are so bad they embarass me for the site.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I hear you Gregor. The problem is, that unlike our posts, the thread titles are seen by everyone who's visiting the site.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Good point , I'm constantly trying to understand some people's wording

    It would be great if people would spell check and proof read their posts and thread topics, before summiting them.

    Here is a spell checker that I use in this forum and others, I think it only works in I.E but it might in others as well

    The spell checker is free to download and it puts a small button on your tool bar at the top http://www.iespell.com/

  • wings

    wutz the fuss gies?

    I don't recall reading in the forum rules that being literate is a requirement. Actually expecting us to know how to SPELL???? Seems like a somewhat high expectation.

    Truth is I don't like looking dumb. I try to spell correctly, but with my vast vocabulary it is sometimes hard to keep up. If I stick around here you are going to find out, I can't spell.

    Besides, what would the spell check police have to do without posters like me.

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