Duzzent enybody pruf reed thair thred topiks?

by Gregor 39 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gregor

    It is almost like reading code. Seems like more errors than one sees in regular responses.

  • tnangel73

    It must be all that home schooling.

  • oompa

    Using the Masonic code in titles is a hard habit to break....................oompa

  • sweetface2233

    I heart Gregor!

  • tnangel73

    I know two languages. English and Typoese.

  • chickpea

    speek four ur slef

  • hillbilly

    I never proof, or follow most of the rules of English here at JWD. I write a whole bunch at work... I wont be bothered with convention at my hobby.


  • sweetface2233

    Sorry, I meant - Eye luv Gregger

  • R.Crusoe

    I confess have a double hit keypad = some keys need a double at times and I've hit send before realising how quick I just posted what I typed -Doh! But slef is an excellent way to spell self! A magnificent Wiccan witch always does it so why should I arguew? She is an exception I admit!

    So why do you get hacked off so long as you understand the message - interesting that don't you think? Is it the worry anarchy may take root and one will be left struggling to communicate? Or is it the notion one is amongst inferior intellects and prefers higher ups company? Or do we just love people who have an air of excellence and 'class' about all they do - or pretend to do JW style? We humans do love conformity for obvious reasons!

    Me - I try to be me and if I fail what's new??

  • Hope4Others

    I try to, but if it sounds not to bad then I enter, I'm not the best on grammar and never was. I occasionally will let the hubby annoy

    the heck out of me correct it. If he is no where is sight to ask something it goes as is. The best your going to get is a spell check.



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