Duzzent enybody pruf reed thair thred topiks?

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  • Hope4Others
    wings: If I am reading on an open forum with a group of people who have never been encouraged in secular education, no.

    Great come back!

    Homer: all jws and ex-ers could use a little more education in pronunciation and sentence structuring since most jw-dubs had their own education

    deemed unimportant to them.

    Hubby is trying to retrain me constantly, I'm absolutely horrid with , ; and other stuff. So now I guess I will have to start taking notes.


  • noni1974

    I have a learning disability called dyslexia. I have a very hard time spelling things sometimes and I have no way to spell check things on this site. My spell check works at other site but not this one. It may be because it's firefox. I don't know. I do try but somtimes I can't even find a word in the dictionary because in my head it's spelled totaly diffrent than what it really is. *sigh*

    My learning disability and lack of good spelling doesn't mean I'm stupid or dumb. I know I'm smart I just think differently than others. I can't help having this dyslexia. If I could cure it I would. I feel really bad and stupid when people make threads like this. It's like a personal attack. If the spelling police of JWD can't stand my miss spellings don't read or post in my topics. That's all I have to say about that.

  • Undecided

    I can't spell very good, but I can tell when a word is misspelled. It's kind of strange.

    Ken P.

  • Cc81

    haa... all that homeschooling. i liked that one.

  • restrangled

    No one is perfect. (beware I didn't spell check this!)

    It is always easier to proof someone elses typing versus your own.

    If you can't find your glasses at this age, it's even harder!

    I was a legal secretary.....not one spelling error was allowed so we always proofed each others work. Case in point: The attorney I worked for was an excellent speller and could compose beautifully. One day we were so overwhelmed with work he typed some of his own letters. He couldn't find any errors but had us double check him.

    Needless to say, we had a field day with his mistakes.


  • Layla33
    I have noted that poor spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. are just a casualty of the internet. Any forum or message board I've seen rates about the same as JWD. Perhaps a forum for Harvard English proffessors might differ?

    I hate to see mispelled words and such - especially mine, but I am never just on this board/forum, even when I post, I am doing two and three different things (I multi-task well) and normally I am typing very fast. I know other people are normally doing the same, although as humans, I am sure we cringe at others like we do ourselves, but I get over it.

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead
    Layla:I am never just on this board/forum, even when I post, I am doing two and three different things

    Yeah, I agree... when I am on JWD I am also trying to concentrate on a bunch of other things at the same time...

    But for many JW's education has not been an option, so spelling has suffered. It's not too late to start, though.


  • AGuest
    I try to be me and if I fail what's new??

    Eye luv R. Crusoe…

    Lets at least try to write in correct English

    Why? And these days, what is “correct” English? (And why is it still called “English,” as opposed to, like, say, “American”? I’m not English…)

    In my case it really takes all credibility out of what someone is saying, especially when discussing serious matters. A couple of typos or (worst) misused homonyms and I move to the next post or topic.

    Doesn’t this mean that we also should not listen when someone actually speaks with “improper” English? Unfortunately, that would NOT fly in the 'hood... where I live and work...

    But wouldn't you agree girls if a person mis-spells a lot of words it lessens the impact of what he or she is trying to say, diminishing good understanding?

    [Since I’m a girl] No, not really. So long as the context is discernable, I’m cool. If not, I move on. But that’s the risk the poster takes… that his/her post won’t be read/understood. I can always ask for clarification if I need it, yes?

    Hey Sweetface, a new avatar wow looks good, it makes me sleepy or maybe horny, I don't know which!

    Hmmmm... let’s hope the person in the photo is “of age,” then. ‘Cause she looks kinda young – LOL!

    the only thing that makes me a cringe a little is people using your, when they should use you're.

    I am very guilty of this (mea culpa! mea culpa!). I tend to type extremely long (so my usual disclaimer and apology applies here) and extremely fast (I learned on a manual about a century or so ago). As a result, my “they’re” might turn out to be “their.” Or my “who’s” might turn out “whose.” I was an English major, so I should know better. And I do proofread, but as someone said, I don’t always see, therefore catch, my own mistakes. So what? Big deal? It’s not like we’re getting paid to do this. And it shouldn’t be a chore, per se.

    Lighten up... and peace to you all!

    SA, on her own

  • FlyingHighNow

    It's important to note here, people in general don't spell that well when it comes to English. English is full of inconsistent spelling. English is NOT spelled phonetically. There was a movement to change some of ther harder words to be more uniform in spelling rules. Guess it just never got anywhere.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I have made my share of those sort of typos - then I got my google toolbar with spell check.


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