Would YOU Remain A JW If You Thought The Watchtower Could Be Reformed?

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  • willyloman

    I like Terry's assessment and think it is right on.

  • potleg

    This is a top down, power hungry, control group we are talking about here. If reform means being more Christ like...NO WAY

    However if the reformation means more crackdowns, purges, and getting rid of all who question authority, then yes, I can see this happening.

    Either way I'm never going back.

  • Thechickennest

    I would never sell out my integrity, my compassion for the human race, leave my extended family and on and on.... the total package to any organization ever, ever again. The Watchtower has been bathing in the blood of the humankind for over a century. They passed up reform a few million lives ago. Perish the thought! NO, and HELL NO!

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    No way! I hate all organized religion, anyway. I believe in philosophies.

  • SnakesInTheTower


    I tell my mom and the few JW friends I have differently..."well, you know...maybe that new school for elders will shake things up and change things for the better..and if it does..then maybe I can find my way back...."

    I try not to laugh or snort or snicker whilst saying this bull$hit of course. .... but NO...there is no reforming the WT society in my opinion...

    for what it is worth... I think that the Society is an ever evolving organization that would take generations to change (real def of generation...not WT def of generation)...if it were possible...which I dont....... However, I do not believe that there was ever a concerted effort to control people..unlike the situation in Texas......... (ie., I dont believe there is any GB meetings where they say..."i wonder how we can screw the R&F over this month").... I believe it has become an organizational culture of control...that by default.....that is what dominates.... more moderate views are not tolerated so it is self-perpetuating.... so men (and only men) are appointed into positions of control.... the newer appointed men must be of the same mindset as the appointers....

    the best case scenario is a financial and/or legal self-destruction....

    Snakes ()

  • Connaughty

    I think that more people like Raymond Franz need to come out from the Governing Body. I can't believe that all the members totally agree with the current policies and procedures that are in force. Some must have some sense of honour, but are feeling helpless.

    Reforms take time, and may not occur in my lifetime. eg. The Pioneering hour requirements will be changed shortly. The last time that happened was around ten years ago. I also don't think their pressures to not get an education will be successfull. There are many Elders families that are ignoring that counsel.

    When you see a count of inactive witnesses out-number the active ones, this tells you that the GB is losing their inflluence.

  • Hortensia

    all religion sucks, and reformed religion just sucks in a reformed way. I won't be part of any religion, reformed or not.

  • foreverfree

    "I would come back periodically if (and only if):

    - There was a strip pole to be used by all sisters under 30 when ever they gave a part."

    I Like that one !!!

  • jaguarbass

    I wouldnt remain a jw even if the wactower could be reformed. The problem is much bigger than the JW's Religion and the bible is a house of cards built in the sand.

  • wings


    The only thing that could reform the WTS is an atomic bomb. ... kinda like Armageddon, in reverse. Some things are just beyond hope.

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