Would YOU Remain A JW If You Thought The Watchtower Could Be Reformed?

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  • stillajwexelder

    YES - stranger things have happened. It needs hardliner Jaracz to die of a heart attack this week , then yes men like Barr to die of old age this week and another major scandal - then maybe, just maybe it can be reformed. It needs a Ray Franz in charge

  • ldrnomo

    Any organized religion is like the "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" (it's an illusion). The pot of gold from God is the gift he gave us of wanting to be spiritual beings so the search for spiritual things is the gold we have. Once we get involved with an organized religion that tells us the answers to our questions, the search ends and the illusion begins.

    I have been set free from this illusion so why would I want to go back to it?

  • RR

    I agree, I don't believe the Society can be reformed. It's has fractured into all these mini corporations, where the lawyers are running things. In order for the Society to have any reform, good or bad, there needs to be a corporate body or individual to runs EVERYTHING, and it will never happen,k because none of these "chiefs" are willing to give up their part of the reservation.

    If anything, it's going to split and fracture even more, with independent JW's, like the Bible Students in 1917.


  • NewYork44M

    I would come back periodically if (and only if):

    - They served dark beer at all meetings

    - There was a strip pole to be used by all sisters under 30 when ever they gave a part.

    Short of that, I have no interest in returning.

  • Alpaca

    Would YOU Remain A JW If You Thought The Watchtower Could Be Reformed?


    Should I tell you how I really feel?

    I agree, Minimus, that the few intelligent, thinking elders who remain in the Borg are in for reasons other than being convinced that it is the "TROOF."


  • choosing life
    choosing life

    If I thought it could be reformed, I would be interested in helping.They would have to be willing to make a lot of things taught as wrong now up to your conscience. Things don't seem to be heading this direction currently.

    I agree that everything is run by legal now.

  • minimus

    The fact is that NO ONE can bring this Organization back from the dead. It belongs in Gehenna.

  • Terry

    What the Watchtower religion is, it becomes through the kind of people it attracts from year to year.

    This is malleable.

    Here is an analogy.

    Private schools are very picky about who they allow to become students. By only allowing top achievers, the school gurantees (and ultimately takes credit for producing) top achievement.

    It is a self-enforcing policy.

    The Watchtower religion is, over a long span of time, constantly inviting certain kinds of persons to become Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Under C.T.Russell there were members who harmonized with Russell's personality.

    Under Rutherford, a tougher crowd was invited and attracted in.

    Under Knorr a more business like and mainstream personality appeared.

    By the time 1975's debacle put the test to Fred Franz's conceits about End Times there was a HUGE cataclysm and a shake-up which distorted the equilibrium of the Society.

    What happened?

    The personality at the top became embarassed and went on the attack. The Governing Body became hard, monolithic and extremely closed off. Persons with rational questions of reasonable intelligence were forced to recant or hit the road!

    What remained?

    Cowed people who nursed their wounds and who went underground.

    People who didn't care what reality was as long as the Governing Body was always thought to be right.

    People who couldn't sort the difference between previous generations of JW's and the new generation of hard-nosed tight-asses.

    A natural evolution of personality was disrupted in 1975 and it took until the early 1980's to create a ripple into a tidal wave.

    Today's Watchtower religion is NOT THE SAME religion I was a part of in the late 50's and 60's.

    The Watchtower cannot be reformed until the men at the top unpucker their collective sphincters and let people sniff the true nature of their authority and personality.

  • R.Crusoe

    Their basis is:

    Imperfect man dis-claiming perfect justice BUT operating it as a reality! (another circular law they have)

    So it is fundamentally at fault.

    I cannot see where to go from there really without altering fundamentals which would forego control and power.

    No clapping or hand show for that one!

  • minimus

    I do not believe that the dead presidents of the Society brought a personality cult behind them in any way, Terry.

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