I was best friends with John Wayne

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  • dinah

    Momz, I'm still waiting on you to give Zak my phone number.............

  • avishai

    I met River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves while they were filming "My own private Idaho". I've worked on the periphery of the entertainment industry off and on for a long time, so I have a bunch of stories.
    I always seem to put my foot in my mouth when dealing with various celebs, or just not recognize them. Here's my fave story. I was doing extra work our of Portland, OR and was on a show called "Nowhere man", written by the writers of 24 before they did that show, I think a grand total of 5 people saw it, but it was a good show. So, it was early before shooting, the show had'nt aired yet, the season had'nt started. So I bum a smoke from this guy and start talking. A PA comes up and says "Are you background talent?" I say, yeah, and she says "Don't bother the lead or you'll be fired!!" To which the guy i was talking too said "F#&K off, he did'nt know who I was, we were just having a nice talk and you interrupted, I'll talk to who I want." Did'nt know he was on the show, much less the lead. One of those actors that's in everything, but not a "name". Bruce greenwood. Here's a pic alt

    James Darren directed that episode, he was really nice too, I hassled him about the "Jimmy Darrock" episode of the flintstones, and he was surprised that I'd actually seen the tv show "the time tunnel"

  • SirNose586

    My paternal grandfather was a big fan of the Duke. My sister drew a portrait of Wayne for him, which he loved very much.

  • Carmel

    When I was traveling in Russia about fifteen years ago I stayed in an old hotel that was built for athelets that were training for the olympics in Japan. We were issued a roll of toilet paper with one thin towel and one warn out wash cloth, no soap. After the first time of using the TP my room mate dubbed it "John Wayne Toilet Paper". Baffled I asked why he called it that. He said "It's rough, tough and doesn't take crap off of anyone." My closest encounter with brother Wayne. carmel

  • Hortensia

    carmel - that was my best laugh all day! By the by, I watched Time Tunnel. Does that make me James Darren's second best friend?

  • avishai

    sure!! Good show!

  • JK666

    I didn't know him, but probably would have liked him. That is the nature of life.


  • Hope4Others

    Oh My God JK are we cross dressing now?????LOL.... Anyways aside from that i think I've seen every John Wayne movie there is from when I was a little kid. I was so fascinated by the way he talked and walked.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I used to work in FS with a member of the GB. Does that count?


  • momzcrazy

    My husband's grandma used to babysit John Wayne's kids while he was filming in Moab, Utah.

    Dinah, I tried to give it to him. But his wife took it and ripped it up!!!


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