Athiests please answer these questions

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  • avishai

    I'm more agnostic, but blind dogmatism, i go after, whether it's Christian, Muslim,democrat, republican, new ager, conspiracy theorist, etc. "I am RIGHT!!" is a phrase that's caused so much harm throughout human history.

  • seattleniceguy

    Hello Stilla,

    SNG - good to hear from you. Have you read the God Delusion yet? I assume you have. Dawkins is my God - so I am a theist.

    LOL...Good to see you too. Yes, I have read The God Delusion. It was good, though I think I like Dawkins more when he's writing about science. I hear he's currently working on a book that gives an overview of the accumulated evidence for evolution for the 150th anniversary next year of the publication of Origin. I can't wait!


  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    Wow, got into work this morning and had three pages of thread to catch up on! Thank you all for your contributions. I'm so glad there was no aggresive arguments on this thread. All the comments were very interesting and inlightning.

  • inrainbows
    Why is it that athiest often (not always) direct their argument for athiesism towards Christians? Why not direct your argument towards Buddists or Muslims or even New-agers? I mean they also believe in a higher power so why is it that only Christains seem to get knocked? Is it because your only point of reference is JWs and the bible and therefore easier to reference?

    As already discussed, most atheists are from Christian cultures, so they coment on the religous group they know the most about.

    Christians are also far more likely to engage in missionary work, which means they are putting their message 'out there' and getting paid back in kind.

    Likewise, Christian beliefs are more likely to mould political beliefs or moral stances in the West than other religiosu beliefs, again making Christianity more of a target than religous groups who don't try and maake their beliefs the touch-stone of society.

    See the reaction Muslims get when they try and get their beliefs heard in society, from both atheists and Christians, and you can understand why secular people object to Christian beliefs being used to try and restrict what they feel are freedoms.

    Of course, having said this, those Christians causing atheistic reaction are not representative of all Christians.

    An atheist's reaction to a "well, the Bible is allegorical and evolution is obviously true but I believe in the value of the message credited to Jesus and in some kind of higher power" Christian is vastly different to their reaction to their reaction to a "you are godless scum and will burn in hell, you have no right to your body or sexuality and god made everything in 6 x 24 hour days" Christian.

  • R.Crusoe

    Layla - you are quite right IMO!

    I have said before that each of us is a permutation of experiences,= time, place,events and genetics being randomly interactional with their environment!

    So in some respects everyones reality tunnel is unique by default in terms of feelings, thoughts, boundaries and dynamism!

    This last sentence can be applied to ones religiosity equally well IMO!

    And essentially it means noone will experience a replica religious reality by default!

    There may be higher degrees of commonality between some but we each have our unique Venn diagram of imagined reality respecting all those aspects of humanism pertaining to religion or belief.

    Hope that makes sense! I am trying - some say very - lol!

  • catbert

    There are too many belief systems to argue about. Is there anyone on this forum who doesn't experience skeptical thoughts when they read this:

  • inkling
    Is there anyone on this forum who doesn't experience skeptical thoughts when they read this:

    Have you seen this "chasers" spoof?

    They give people a gullibility test to see it they are a good fit for scientology.


  • Galileo

    Have you seen this "chasers" spoof?

    They give people a gullibility test to see it they are a good fit for scientology.

    That made my day. It was hillarious. Thank you.

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