Was Jesus really without sin?

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  • Gary1914

    He wore sandals and a long, toga like robe.

    He would never be able to visit Bethel in that garb.

  • Salivating Dog
    Salivating Dog

    I suppose in God's eyes He was.

    Probably not the Pharisees though.

  • LtCmd.Lore

    If he did sin, who do you think would have the guts to write it down?

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    I always wondered if Jesus ever had sex, I'm sure he must to have had a boner or two in his adult life, hanging around all those brothels.

    and who hasn't passed a little gas at the Kingdom Hall or in his case the temple, you can guess also that he pulled his pud when he was a teenager too

    Well I guess will never know , but its still a very good question ....thanks Terry

  • trevor

    According to the Bible Jesus came to abolish the law covenant so he can not be held to account for disregarding it.

    Alas, the Bible also explains that all humans are born into sin as they come from a couple who fell from grace.

    Jesus was born by an imperfect woman. A baby in the womb shares the mothers blood and is born with any defects that she has in her blood. This means that Jesus was contaminated before birth.

    He was born in sin just like any other human, born of woman, who chooses to accept the Bible as God’s word.

    Those who dismiss the Bible as no more than an entertaining story, can enjoy freedom from sin right now at this very moment - the only reality that exists.


  • IP_SEC

    He broke oral tradition concerning the Sabbath. Not the Law of Moses.

    He did not prevent the Jews from carrying out the execution. He did challenge one of them who was without sin to carry out the execution. Sin? Naw, just provided a different point of view.

    No more or less a sinner than any one of us.

  • Blueblades

    Sin, what is it? Answer as defined in Insight On The Scriptures: Anything not in harmony with, hence contrary to, God's personality, standards, ways,and will; anything marring one's relationship with God. It may be in word, in deed ( doing wrong acts ) or failing to do what should be done, or in mind or heart attitude. Lack in faith of God is a major sin, showing, as it does, distrust of him or lack of confidence in his ability to perform.

    Sin occurred in the spirit world before its introduction on earth.

    Was Jesus really without sin? Well, Terry, awhile ago, you recommended a book to read, "Misquoting Jesus". I read that book and it gave me insight into how the writer's have made mistakes and changes that shaped the Bible we read today.

    So, what to believe about anything written concerning Jesus' words and actions gives one pause. Who can actually answer your question from hearsay information that may not have happened at all?

    Thanks for recommending the book.


  • R.Crusoe

    The perspective surrounding Jesus existence is interesting!

    First, to take Jesus as divine, one must accept the Jews were gods only channel of divinity - so China, India, Russia, American Indians, SA natives, Australasians etc etc etc were all just humans void of gods approval!

    Then one must accept that Jesus was divine!

    And that what he said was gods intent!

    Which sorta was much different than the way Jews lived - stoning people etc - which sorta suggests they couldn't be carrying out gods intent?? Which sorta questions whether they were hooked up to divine intent in the first place - which kinda makes you wonder about Jesus being the Messiah!

    Jesus standing right there in the promised lands - right there, it utterly contradicts what the Jews stood for! Jesus claimed himslef to be a new covenant - absolutely meaning the Jewish one was not gods express will! And the change was landslide stuff!! So had god changed his mind? The all knowing god? Constant and just and loving above all else?

    The idea of the new covenant is a contradiction of Jews being chosen people! It states as reality that the way they think about how god thinks is flawed - which means their way is not the chosen way!

    And so, if Jesus was divine, he cannot sin due his status, but fulfilling prophecies which weren't from a people who upheld divine intent - since Jesus berated much of what their authorities upheld and stood for as being divine intent, suggests god is incapable of disseminating his express will to the humanity he is claimed as having undying love for!

    So, by virtue of the fact that Jesus was a peaceable human of immeasureable compassion, he was a force for life and harming none!

    If you believe the Jews to be chosen and therefore Jesus there contradictory Messiah, then he cannot have sinned due to being divine!

    But if you, like I, believe less in the concept of sin and more in the harm none philosophy absent a satan figure tempting you, maybe you will also consider him predominantly as striving to uphold all that creation and nature intends and sin becomes less of a focus.

    To me the question is less about him erring and far more about the overall form of his heart condition - which was pretty spectacular and giving to an extreme!

  • Perry


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  • R.Crusoe

    I'm unsure who you allude to!

    Don't let it bother you - simply be who you are and feel happy inside about it!

    It's the only advice I have!

    If that's tricky then maybe look further afield for life that does!

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