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  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    I'd like to see each member of the governing body give up one finger for every child that dies because of their policy on blood.

    When the fingers are gone, you could go to the toes.

    Seriously, when will the madness stop? And who has the balls to do something about it?

    The Oracle

  • ssrriotsquad

    I too heard of that story at either a CA or DC only in the last few years.

    If the father was that much involved with the Yakuza, what happened to him?

  • nelly136

    pop the title and gary wong into google and you can jw site/blog spot.

    one site i went on had even copyrighted it, blesss

  • Hope4Others

    Who leaves the mafia unless they are in a body bag.


  • WTWizard

    I would be willing to bet money that it was another fake experience to guilt those who only have to give up their full time jobs, their porn, their computer, Christmas, masturbating, oral sex, TV, and what not. If only this "sister" had known that the benefits that were presented were as fake as the whole experience, even a fingernail would have been too much of a sacrifice.

    And it is intended to make people with children be thankful that they didn't have to give up anything (aside their freedom, holidays, having fun at school, college, the prospect of making money, playtime, and vacations that didn't involve field circus) in order to go into the cancer.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    asinine BS!

  • Galileo

    I heard this story probably ten or more years ago at a convention. My thoughts now are pretty much what they were then: She had already "bought" the right to attend meetings, presumably that includes the conventions. Why the hell would she tell him she was getting babtized and lose another finger? How would he even know there was such a thing? For all he knew (if he even knew what baptism was, being a non-Christian living in a non-Christian country), she was baptized the first day she entered the Kingdom Hall. Does she go up to him and tell him every time she has a talk, wants to auxillary pioneer, or start a study, with her hand outstretched? When will this idiot learn to keep her freaking mouth shut? Total nonsense.

  • Jenlet

    I'm pretty sure I've heard a version of this story, although it wasn't set in Japan. How kind of the author (editor?) to update the story to include a submissive Asian sister. That's always a nice touch.

    The half life of JW urban legends is longer than radioactive waste.

  • BurnTheShips
    Here is the key. If the father was so deep in the mafia, what did he have to sacrifice to get out?

    To go into the Dubs you always sacrifice your balls and you brain

  • momzcrazy

    ****cough cough BULLSH*IT cough cough****

    Yeah, the mafia is hard. But daughters and wives are sheltered.


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