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  • notjustyet

    Why don't we contact the real Japanese mafia and explain that there are 7 men in Brooklyn that are pushing this story about them and we think it is a false story and if they would like to , somehow, correct them for sharing.


  • BluesBrother

    These people don't buy it either


    I would have thought a father would have turned attention to the J W to stay away from his daughter , rather than to her. It is not going to look nice on her wedding day , is it? The Godfather would never think like that .....

    Incidentally an experience like that you would expect to be on the c/d rom - it isn't. It is not even found on the site J W talk...and they will buy anything dub related....

  • ptt7000

    Flying high now, we had the Chinese sister give us her experience of 30years in prison at our KH in Indiana. He children hate her. The CO made it known she needs money. She defied the authories by going out on the street corner when all othe witnesses felt it was okay to not go back to that corner.

    I didn't know which sister it was in our watchroom as there were two Chinese sisters with her. I introduced myself and asked for their names. She retorted, "You don't know who I am?" I said no should I? She looked at me strange and I looked back and walked out. She was touring the country telling her experiences for money. She left her children to be raised by husband and relatives. Only she went so far and it was her disrespect according to the way she told the story, not persecution, but a crazy woman. And we all looked at her, like this is different from the way she was presented in watchtower. Many said no she can't stand on the platform by herself giving a talk so the CO took the mike asked her to tell her story and he sat down while she talked for 2hrs. She was the most arrogant woman I ever met inside a place of worship. Just thought I wouls tell the rest of the story. bye

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