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  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    I'm new to this board but I see many term themselves as faders. I may just fade away, but on the other hand, I went ahead and told the elders that I don't believe in the WTS garbage anymore. 1914, FDS, al of it, I told them, is "rubbish" (I didn't want to say BS in the KH). Its up to them what they do with me now.... we'll see, I'll keep you posted...

    I am an ex-Gilead Missionary, ex-Bethelite, and have just decided to be an "apostate"... In fact I met up in public with a known apostate in NYC over the weekend, and no-one was the wiser...

    Either way, I wonder what would happen if all the "faders" would do officially anounce that thy no longer wanted to be J-dubs? How many faders might there be? Would it have a ripple effect on the org since so many people at the same time would be officially DF'd or DA'd? Maybe some of the friends you think you might lose are in the same boat?

    PM me if you want....

  • momzcrazy

    Hey, Welcome to the board.

    I was fading until I thought I was being told to DA or have a JC meeting. So I sent my DA letter. THREE months later I get a phone call, "Why did you DA? Why didn't you just stop going to meetings?" So I am officially a fader, not DA or DF.

    I know Bethelites from Utah and Tenn. Glad you are freeing yourself.


  • BFD

    Welcome to the board. Since coming here over a year ago, I have often wondered about the same thing. It would certainly have a ripple effect on the religion, imo. There are many, many faders who post here and my guess would be twice as many faders are sitting in the KHs still afraid of the inter-net.



  • IP_SEC

    People talk about how much they lose if they fade. Actually if all faders DA'd instead of fading the org would change their tune on shunning. If no one was afraid of shunning, there would be no shunning.

  • daniel-p

    IP-SEC, isn't that the Tradegy of the Commons? No one's going to stick their neck out by themselves. It takes someone with either extraordinary sized-balls, or someone with nothing to lose. Myself--having normal-sized balls (to the best of my knowledge)--and with a lot to lose, would choose not to DA. I may be ready some day, but that time hasn't come.

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    I expect it would be viewed as a sign that Satan is increasing his attacks on Jehovah's people (love of greater number cooling off). Those spiritually weak on the outside of the congregations would be the first to go, you see. More proof that Jehovah's Witnesses have the True Religion(TM).

    Welcome to the board AaG.

  • flipper

    AWAKENED at GILEAD- Welcome to the board ! Glad to have you ! I agree that it would be a sizeable number if more did disassociate instead of fade ; however there are some of us who would have a sizeable amount to lose as well. I have 2 witness parents 82 and 80 who have been witnesses since 1951. They respect my status as a fader , respect my differences with the organization and don't challenge me on that. That would not happen if I got DFed or disassociated. I'm not going to be the one to rock their world at this point in time. I have been fading about 5 years successfully , and I am trying to gradually get my 21 year old witness daughter out of the organization ; as my 23 year old son is already out. So I have my reasons for staying a fader trying to accomplish things I could not ; if I was DFed

  • IP_SEC
    IP-SEC, isn't that the Tradegy of the Commons?

    No... well maybe a precieved Tragedy of the Commons.

    It is perceived risk vs. actual risk. Perceived risk is often exaggerated. On another thread today I saw the words "Lose Everything" in connection with being disfellowshiped. That risk is highly exaggerated. Lose somethings? Sure. Some important things? Of course. Everything? No.

    If the perceived risk is "I will lose EVERYTHING" then yes fear will paralyze no matter how extraordinary the size of ones sackage is.

  • ozziepost

    G'day Awakened! Welcome aboard.

    You must have an interesting story to tell. Perhaps you could share: was it something in missionary life that caused you to "awaken" ?

    Cheers from downunder,


  • Velvetann

    Welcome Awakened and I am very interested in hearing more about you. Its always good to hear that even the spiritually strong are seeing that the "truth" is a Lie.

    Being labeled Apostate because you don't agree, its so Stupid but there are tons of people on this board who are in this boat.

    You are very brave and honest to have made this decision, you were obviously very involved in the Watchtower Society. It is not a easy route to go.

    I faded, and 25 years later its a distant memory but not a forgotten one on my part.


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