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  • Scott77

    I recently joined this webiste. I am so glad to know there are alot of people like me who have faced serious questions about JWs and the society in general. Myself is not a Disfellowed one but I did dissaciate myseflt after realising that I have been marked out. I was so much shocked despite all the good efforts I made to be a good christian. Look, at KH even assemblies, they wuld offer me all previleges befitting a brother in good standing in the congregation and yet mark me out. What a great hypocrisy! I have been in the 'truth' over ten years and therefore, I knew very well inner workings of a congregation elders. Such knowledge helped me to expect what would happen to me and everythings. After writting a letter of disasociation, I was severely slandered in all aspect of my life, at work, ie, socially, securelary, and eduatonally. I got depressed really because of this and started lossing my health. But now, I am so happy and glad. They used a lot of individuals both men and women to make my life a bit hard. I tell you, the WTB society has an eloborate and sophiticated network of spies to disrupt the life aspect of those mong their midst at will. Its very shocking but true. Take the example, how do they track people who have moved from place to place, state to state?

    Please, do not forge that the Governing Body of JW is not as diverse as Jehovah God would like it to be.

    Thank you all


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