What To Say When Someone Says "If U Can Find A Religion That's Better......

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  • minimus

    "If you can find a religion that's better than Jehovah's Witnesses, let me know where I can find it".....I've heard JWs say this in defense of "The Truth" that they know is not 100% right.

    What would you say to a Witness that suggests that Jehovah's Witnesses are still better than all the others????

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    define better

  • Satanus

    The wt is the closest to the pharisees. Ones that are more like jesus was are many.


  • minimus

    Define better? Is that your response to me or them?

  • DanTheMan

    Door #3

  • OnTheWayOut

    Actually, "Define better" is an excellent response. You have to know why the JW thinks JW's are best.

    I had this discussion with Mrs. OTWO. She feels that JW's are teaching basic Bible truths, so she would
    want me to show another religion that teaches basic Bible truths, but doesn't have the problems that
    JW's have (child-abuse victims treated poorly, disfellowshipping of family members).

    By knowing my wife and what she means, I could define "better." For her to say "If you can show me a
    better religion," she means one that teaches the same nonsense that WTS teaches about the sign, last days,
    life forever in paradise. I straight up told her, "I cannot offer you the religion you speak of, but I know JW's are
    not the accurate religion you think they are." I couldn't get past that statement with her. She shut down.

    I hope my negative experience helped. If I hear any other good-sounding answers here, I will try them.

  • minimus

    Well, what about the BS (Bible Students)? They are very similar in many respects, so they might qualify as "better" and even less harsh in their implementation of their beliefs. Ask RR.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Well, what about the BS (Bible Students)?

    JW's are a unique peculiar different animal. I don't think you can take
    them to another religion while they are still captives of WTS.

    You have to free them from the false ideas and let them search for any
    real truth on their own.

    I am sure there are exceptions, but I couldn't recommend actually taking a
    JW to other religious teachings that are contrary to their own understanding.
    That's like taking them to Satanism. They freak out.

    The statement, "Show me something better!" is a cop-out. Their own definition
    of "better" will prevent that from being possible, and they know that.

  • minimus

    But when a Witness says show me another religion that shares the core beliefs of JWs, it's easy to point to the original, the Bible Students. And my point wouldn't be to take them to another religion. It would be to show that JWs aren't the only ones who don't believe in Trinity, hellfire, etc.

  • R.Crusoe

    You lost your inner-self to the Watchtower and now you are giving yourself the rest of your life to find it again!

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