If you knew how the meat you eat was slaughtered, would you still eat it?

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  • funkyderek


    And just so you know summer, this is a woman who gives a damn cat insulin shots twice a day and measures his food precisely. I also have two dogs that are also spoiled and babied.

    And they "wouldn't know any different" if somebody slit their throats and then cooked and ate their corpses, right?

    I would never compare children to animals.

    Apart from your dogs who are "babied", of course.

  • 5go

    Death is a part of life. Animals have eaten each other since their has been animals. Killing something is never pretty ever but necessary in the end. Like it or not.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I once saw this special on rudabegas and its a damn shame how they treat those poor roots. They start out life as a seed and bond with mother earth and father...water. They become symbiotically connected to their mother as they grow. They sprout these tentacles called roots that join with mother earth and help them get nurishment from both mother earth and father...water.

    They break through and are bathed in sunshine. They live a peacefull co-existance till one day some mean ole farmer comes along and just snatches them from their home. As if this wasn't cruel enough he stabs them and boils them alive in a pot of greens.

    The absolutely worst thing about this sad tale of the rudabega, is that it is ultimately served to little kids...LITTLE KIDS...who absolutely hate it;)

    I'm just kidding. Now I know what obves must feel like after a post.

    Frosty of the I hate rudabega's and everything assoiciated with them.

  • restrangled

    5GO said:

    Death is a part of life. Animals have eaten each other since their has been animals. Killing something is never pretty ever but necessary in the end. Like it or not.

    Yes and any animal eating another takes them down after a natural life and puts them out quickly. My complaint is that as humans we tend to torture for mass consumption and profit....I wonder how the stress hormones in these animals degrade the meat. Surely there must be a way to raise animals in a natural way and put them to death in a humane way. r.

  • bebu
    Surely there must be a way to raise animals in a natural way and put them to death in a humane way.

    This is what everyone assumes is being done. Workers obviously get indifferent about their actions; maybe it's a kind of cognitive dissonance thing.

    Bottom line for meat eaters is to INSIST upon humane treatment of animals raised for food.

    I wonder if organic farms do better here. If so, I'd buy only from those brands.


  • beksbks

    I was raised with a Vegan father for pete's sake. Very little meat (eggs, cheese, milk) in my life. I say the food chain is pretty straight forward. We eat them. There are nutrients that are not even available from non animal sources. I agree with Momz, they are animals, we are people. We have memory and cognizance. They do not. Beyond that, I would of course prefer that they are raised and slaughtered humanely. I understand Kosher has more regulations on that sort of thing, I buy Kosher and grass fed/free range whenever possible.

  • restrangled

    Yes Bebu,....the producers of Fruits and Vegetables have finally figured out we will buy "Organic".....I am hoping at some point we will get naturally raised beef , pork, and fowl.

    Someone got smart about eggs awhile ago .......I only buy "free range" from the grocery store.


  • flipper

    RESTRANGLED- Hey sis ! How are you ? Good thread ! I've never been a hunter- but I do enjoy fishing for trout in the Sierra mountains here in California. I know when I catch fish, I clean them thoroughly , even making sure with a knife to scrape the little blood line along their spine so all of it is out ! When the trout are coming from really cold. clean, clear water- you know you have a fresh grilled morsel coming your way ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper of the ( I love to cook class ! )

  • restrangled

    Hey there MR. Flipp! I'm doing ok.....nice to see your name...say Hi to Mrs. Flipp for me!

    Addressing the issue, when you fish, you are getting a naturally raised animal, which I am sure doesn't come close to anything you can buy in the grocery store. You catch them in the wild, they are put out of their misery quickly, and are cleaned as you see fit.

    This is my point, I think most of us are eating a lot of tortured fowl, beef and pork with no idea of what goes on to mass produce this stuff to the grocery stores and restaurants.

    My original link opened my eyes. I would be willing to pay a lot more per pound if i was guaranteed humane treatment, but I don't think it exists.

    If anyone has any info on this subject PLEASE POST!


  • flipper

    RESTRANGLED - My wife just told me that here in California they sell at the grocery store " rocky junior brand " free range chickens which aren't eating other dead chickens - they are eating grain , or natural things chickens eat, like bugs, worms , you know stuff like that ! Hope that makes you feel safer ! LOL!

    But also I always buy the free range hen eggs where chickens aren't kept in coops but roam around without stress ! The eggs usually are much better as well ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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