If you knew how the meat you eat was slaughtered, would you still eat it?

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  • llbh

    I am a Vegetarian

    Always have been, i have never eaten meat, it has not caused me any problems

    I could never kill an animal so i would have been a vegetarian even if liked the taste.

    If people are to eat animals for food they should treat them well in life and treat them properly when they kill them



  • restrangled


    I so appreciate your view point.....I haven't been a big meat eater all my life.....I prefer salads, grains etc., but I love to cook, and have done so for 3 big fellas for 25 years.

    I refuse to cook lamb, milk fed calfs, organ meats, fish, or anything I recognize as an animal. (You know, heads, live lobsters, hoofs, etc.) I was always against hunting, but to some extent now understand raising an animal in their natural habitat with the life they were expected to live and then shooting them. This much more humane than these large processing plants.

    The processing of animals for meat seems kind very insane.

    I still wish someone would come up with a distributer who could guarantee the qualify of life and death for animals.

    I doubt it exists.


  • llbh

    Hi R

    I forgot to add that i am 6'3" tall and 225lb so i am not doing bad for not ever eating meat.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Missing Link:

    Not a big fan of watching a guy choke a chicken.

    Me either.

    *snicker, snicker*

  • thepackage

    I worked at Farmer John for a while while I was going to college. The slaughter house or the process did not bother me at all. The smell of pork is what bothered me. I did not eat pork for about four years not cause of how they where killed but i could not stand the smell.

  • Gregor

    I do and I do.

  • greendawn

    This is all down to some brutal sadistic staff I understand, in the European Union there are strict laws governing the humane elevation and killing of animals. So I hope that they do not suffer as much as in this American video.

  • restrangled

    LLBH ...you make me smile...my dad was about your size 6'1 with 18 inch biceps...he could barely tolerate meat. Weight lifter for most of his life......His doctor told us he could of lived to be 100, but due to chemicals ingested...Benzine...it destroyed his kidneys and bones.

    My father was a bulldog, ........died in 1999. Spent his life slaving for the WBTS...left the WBTS 10 years before he became ill. Before the internet was full blown, he still managed to find a few things, such as the letter to Hitler, ...knew 607 was bogus, etc.and had it confirmed by some site that is now gone.

    God I miss him.

    Sorry didn't mean to hijack my own thread!


  • PrimateDave

    No doubt about it, that was disturbing to watch.

    Earthlings is a disturbing documentary similar in intent to the video by the OP. I must admit after watching "Earthlings" I wanted to become a vegetarian. The best I have been able to do is simply reduce my consumption of meat. I'm just too used to eating meat to give it up entirely.

    Here is an article that I think provides a balanced viewpoint: Yes, I care for animals and then I eat them.

    Wish I had an organic farm.


  • jookbeard

    dont lose the grip , it's only food , eat it and enjoy ( human kind are omnivores) there is a lot worse you can eat,,,,,,,, you could be a vegan (like I was raised to be) thank god you have a plate of food in front of you,,,,

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