What Does An Ultimately Cruel Universe Reveal About God?

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  • 5go
    Imagine the universe as a human body. The brain and emotions are "god", the body is the material universe and the minute organisms which live upon the body is life. God (the brain) consciously looks after the body (feeding it, expelling waste, influencing its growth or lack of growth) but God is pretty much oblivious to the bacteria and other organisms which are microscopically existing upon the body. The way the bacteria survive or don't survive depends on the function of the bacteria and whether they exist in harmony with the overall body.

    Explains more about god than the bible ever did. IMO

  • Sirona
    People come back from the dead all the time. The problem is some say they saw Allah while they were dead. So does that prove Allah exists?


    People see their own concept of God when they have a near death experience.


  • trevor
    Hanilcarr: Is this an axiomatic unfalsifiable presupposition of your thinking? Are there any exegetical reasons to corroborate this bold claim?

    Too many big words for me and my gods.

  • hamilcarr
    Too many big words for me and my gods.

    Rather essential actually. Once you startusing axioms, there's no ground for further discussion. Therefore, my question was very important and appropriate.

  • real one
    real one

    Sirona says:

    This is why I believe in God but reject the Christian / Biblical concept of God.

    I've had too many experiences which could be termed "spiritual" to reject the idea of something beyond what has been scientifically proven. This something extra - this is what I choose to call God. I could just as easily call it "the One" or "the All".

    this is confusing. You believe in God but reject his son and the Bible. so in other words you have made your own God like the jw. well thats your choice but according to the Bible if you reject Jesus you reject God so you can say you believe all day long...it wont matter. you have rejected his son, Christ who died to reconcile us all to God. this is the only way God will accept us and you miss the mark from your statement.

  • real one
    real one

    REAL ONE said that unbelievers don't "understand". Hogwash. This is tantamount to saying ex-JW's don't understand JW's. Actually ex-JW's understand JW's better than JW's do.

    you will give an account for every word you say and so will I, you call the Bible, God's inspired word hogwash...sad

  • Sirona

    Real One,

    this is confusing. You believe in God but reject his son and the Bible. so in other words you have made your own God like the jw.

    First I will tackle my rejection of the bible. I do believe that the bible has some things to teach us, just like many religious texts. The bible is by no means the only book which claims to be divinely inspired.

    Ultimately, one does not have to believe the bible to believe in God. There are millions upon millions of people spread over countless centuries who didn't need the bible (or any book) to teach them about divinity. One such spiritual nation was the native american indians. There are many more.

    You, of course, assume that the bible is the only yardstick we have with regards to God. I think that that view is exceedingly narrow.

    Which brings us to Jesus Christ. I acknowledge a "Christ spirit" for want of a better expression. That is, I believe in various saviour gods - all of whom are reflections of a certain aspect of the divine. Osiris is one of them. Mithras is another.

    I reject the biblical assertion that human beings are tainted and therefore need to grovel for forgiveness.


  • inkling
    An interesting unanswered question raised by Inkling in my thread on Creation and God,

    While I appreciate my question being elevated to it's own thread, I would like to point out
    that the direction this discussion has gone is a bit different from the one I intended...

    Let me clarify: The type of suffering, evil, and cruelty I am interested in hearing an
    apologetic for is the non-human kinds. Why would god create nature as a system
    with so much built-in pain and gore and snarl and poison and barbs and thorns and
    lizards that squirt blood from their eyes in last-ditch effort to save their own little
    lizard souls. (http://animal.discovery.com/convergence/lizards/blood/eyes.html)

    What kind of watchmaker is God if he made these twisted dark things?


  • MissingLink

    Thanks for getting us back on topic.

    How about Leucochloridium paradoxum. These parasites cause snails to go mad and commit suicide. This is necessary for the parasite's reproduction.

  • Shawn10538

    Isn't it funny how every conversation with a god believer ends with the ghod believer walking away. I call it the coward's retreat. They will eventually make the argument, "UYou just have to have faith, that's all", inspite of either disconfirming evidence or lack of evidenc of God.

    It is impossible to believe in god without begging the question.

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