What Does An Ultimately Cruel Universe Reveal About God?

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  • 5go
    Like I said..... I just can't understand it. It's so simple. God is Love. We are his enemy.

    Are you admitting you don't have the capacity to understand a viewpoint different from your own and where it might come from? How christian!

  • Perry

    The logic will make sense to you one of these days....... maybe at 4am some morning you'll have an Edith Bunker moment. ;-)

  • 5go
    The logic will make sense to you one of these days....... maybe at 4am some morning you'll have an Edith Bunker moment. ;-)

    Bible + conflicting scriptures in the bible + sects with different beliefs using similar bibles + modern morality with higher standards than the bible + peer reviewed evidence refuting bible accounts = The bible being a book of Myth nothing more.

    Sounds simple enough to me. Your logic is Because the bible says it is right and it is god's word and god wrote that down in the bible to prove it to all + you are wrong, and I am righteous + a whole bunch of men who wrote the bible whom I hold on a pedistal can't be wrong + someone with some type of evidence agrees with me + it's tradition + it's for a greater good + the Bible = The bible is not a myth and you will die and sufer in torment for not believing the bible.
  • Gopher
    What Does An Ultimately Cruel Universe Reveal About God?

    That either a) God is far away on some other project in a distant universe, or b) there is no God.

    If God really cared about mankind and yet is doing so little to help, that would prove this God is either a) weak or b) sadistic or c) absent. I wouldn't want to accuse God of (a) or (b), so I choose (c).

    The argument that "mankind is God's enemy" is Biblical? I thought the Bible said God loved mankind and reached out to us sending his only-begotten son. That doesn't square with the simplistic explanation that God exists but he is our enemy. But of course if you reject the Bible, than the simplistic explanation would make more sense.

  • Shawn10538

    So, according to Perry, Perry happens to know what God thinks. He knows why God does what he does and why we all suffer. My Perry what a wise man you are! Do tell us, what is your proof that what you say is true?

    Perry replies, "Duhhhh, (slobber coming out of his mouth) "derrrr, this book over here say dat da big monster in da sky is just giving us what we deserve. I belieb it cuz my pastor say so, and dis book over here say it do. Duhhhh."

    I smell a dumb redneck.

  • Satanus

    'It's so simple. God is Love. We are his enemy.'

    That's logical to you??


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo
    If God really cared about mankind and yet is doing so little to help, that would prove this God is either a) weak or b) sadistic or c) absent.

    I'd like to draw this out connected to how we view the God-human relationship. Forget for now all the arguments about where the Bible came from etc, I'm going for an overview!

    The relationship is often (usually?) defined as a parent-child one and perhaps, from a Biblical perspective, so could God's relationship to humanity as a whole be regarded as such.

    In the earlier years, the 'child' was young, there were dangers - so there were rules to keep them in line - "Don't do this or that will happen". How does a parent teach their young child? They lay down boundaries - and if the boundaries are crossed, there are consequences - is it fair or unfair to do that? Is it cruel? Or is it better to let the child run amock?

    Later on when the 'child' is older, it increases its independence from the parent and needs to find its own boundaries. The parent now has a choice - they can either a) hang onto the child and refuse to let them grow by themselves, providing everything they want/need and keeping them in emotional slavery or b) they can let them go and learn about life for themselves with the assurance that they will be there for them if anything goes wrong - is this latter option in any way a sign of weakness or sadism or absence? Personally I would say that the former of these two is the cruellest behaviour because the child never learns to stand on their own two feet!

    To me, the former is 'sky daddy', the latter is a real, loving parent.

    Writing this has actually made me think if this is what is going wrong in society too - we want young children to behave like adults - not setting boundaries for them, and we are reaping a generation of adults who are still children because they never learnt about those boundaries - they demand rights without responsibilities.

    That's all for now

  • fresia

    I think the question Satan raised in the garden should be addressed. After all Jesus did not argue that Satan is the ruler of this earth. Should that account for the suffering. Or go back to the garden for the clue?

  • hamilcarr
    But the fact is that the human race is God's enemy....plain and simple. As such he has no obligation whatsoever to humans.

    Is this an axiomatic unfalsifiable presupposition of your thinking? Are there any exegetical reasons to corroborate this bold claim?

    What's so plain and simple about this assertion? To most it's only disgusting and certainly won't bring them closer to God.

  • Gopher

    Sad Emo,

    So you say mankind's abandonment by God is a sign he's letting us stand on our own feet, independently of him? That's interesting.

    So then, would prayer be out of scope now -- because God wants us to be on our own? What about the Bible verses that emphasize leaning on him, praying to him, not making a decision without considering/consulting him?

    In response to your post that claims God is a loving parent, my view is that [if he exists,] he has abandoned mankind. Suffering, innocent people call to him and get no help. Meanwhile, at the other end of the scale, fraudulent and sometimes evil men/women who claim to represent him live lavish lifestyles.

    I don't see any love of mankind from any heavenly source recently. I suppose it's an item of faith, that people "feel" God's presence and believe he's helping. If that's what you want to believe, more power to you. But it doesn't satisfactorily address the topic of this thread.

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