Poem from dub friend.

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  • Hortensia

    badly written, banal, shallow, obvious, written by someone who is no poet, it's just crap. And the sentiments it contains, oh jesus, ignorance and mushy sentimentality. Puke-worthy.

  • watson

    I'm gonna make sure that my teenage daughter reads this...

  • LouBelle
  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    So according to the author of this rubbish, all non-jw men lose their jobs, hit their pregnant wives, are lazy and have HIV! Wow what a load of utter rubbish. This poem if you can call it that is the worse piece of mind controll crap I've ever seen. I cannot believe how angry reading this has made me.

    How many stories of abuse have we read on this forum? Women that had to flee their JW husbands because of everything this witness accuses "wordly" men to be.

  • R.Crusoe

    Deception is within JW ranks as much as outside them - and they tear your family away in other ways!

    This tale is tragic and deceptive - I once heard of a guy who lived in a holiday destination, dating many female holyday makers even though he was HIV+ and knew it! Sorta getting what he wanted and unconcerned about harming others!

    That whole mentality is one I just utterly blank-out over!

    People who have such a mind could just as easily be in the WT if they saw some advantage to it!

  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    Geez that upsets me! Really really upsets me.

    Read my profile... as a woman who started dating an "unbeliever", I have been down this road, and you know what... in 11 days, we will have been married for 8 years - he is the most wonderful man alive.

    In fact my Dad once admitted to me that he was a lot better than any of the JW boys I knew - and 8 years down the line - if I look back at the JW man that I did have a relationship with prior to meeting my husband, I can safely say that I am 1000 times better off for marrying my "worldy" boyfriend than I would have been had I stayed involved with the other JW guy!


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    First of all, he sounded a bit controlling. She just didn't see it in the courtship.

    Second, JW's get AIDS, too! And, they think it can't happen to them. That's just ignorant. It's not just a sex disease. It's a blood and fluid sharing disease that can spread at the dentist, doctor, and at work, anywhere skin can break and get infected by another. Not easy to get, but possible.

    Thirdly, JW's lose their jobs, too. Jah doesn't keep them immune to life's stressors. They are NOT special.

    JWs hit their mates, too. I've seen it. They are NOT nicer than average people. Sometimes they are meaner.

    Forthly, this is a silly and shortsighted poem.

  • Jenlet

    Well, to answer your question directly, no, I don't get these type of e-mail forwards, since I am very likely to respond to this type of trash and debunk it.

    As to how to handle it, I would suggest that you respond in a way that gets the sender thinking. Instead of an angry response, you might ask some questions, like:

    1) Why do you think the husband refused to find work after he lost his job? Is laziness a trait of "worldly" people or just bad people?

    2) Why do you think the husband was infected with HIV? Was this due to inappropriate sexual behavior, or was it from something else, like receiving a blood fraction in a medical setting? What would you think of a JW husband who infected his wife with HIV through some Watchtower approved means, such as the use of blood "clotting factors"?

  • sass_my_frass

    Yeah I got that, from several people. It's pretty gross. How to handle it... hmm, well early on I was still caught up in the JW world and it shook me pretty hard, and actually stuff like that was able to really get to me. Later on though I was able to put it and the person who sent it to me into the 'crazy stuff/people to avoid' compartment and politely exit the conversation.

  • sass_my_frass

    Actually the only 'support' I ever got from a JW re my relationship and now marriage was along the lines of reminding me of the dozen 'single sisters' in the kingdom hall and the awful life they have because their husbands aren't witnesses. In my first relationship it shook me to the core and stuff like that actually ended it; I believed everybody and fell for it. I'd never been heartbroken before and it nearly killed me. It turned out for the best though, because I just wasn't ready to live yet. My now husband caught me before I hit the rock bottom and got me back up again. I realised that those women had a horrid life because of their own choice; they were forcing themselves to split their heart completely, and live between two worlds.

    That manipulative stuff has one point; you can't pick both sides. The girl in the poem (ignoring the bs about the husband who is only an abusive cheater because he's not a JW), wanted to stay a JW. If she's worked out that it was time to leave now, it would be a different poem.

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