Poem from dub friend.

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  • Shawn10538

    I believe this is called a didactic poem. Hit us over the head with the sick message.

  • R.Crusoe

    What is this showing us??

    How JWs find vulnerable people!

    Blame all their woes on not being JW!

    And brainwash them the only way to be is JW braindead!

  • crapola

    I just have another comment about the poem. I have a daughter who is happily married. But before she met her husband had dated 3 different "Witness guys. The first one was a wimp, they had sex in my house, you name it they did it. The second was on drugs. That was alot of fun for me! The third was very abusive to her and also introduced her to more drugs. Now these were all from decent Witness familys. The first ones mother was my best friend,. Sad to say that has changed forever, anyway, back to my point and that is, she now has a husband who treats her like a queen, they have a little baby girl with another one on the way ,and they go to church and are happy together. He's not aWitness and never will be, so which one do you think I'd choose for my daughter. I'll let all of you figure that out. So called worldly men can make very good husbands.

  • odie67

    oh my god! i can't believe this poem is still going around. I heard this poem quite a few years ago. Some sister brought it to the kh and everybody thought it was sooooo wonderful. actually if my memory is correct I believe I heard this mess in a public talk. It's very offensive...I could not finish reading it.

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