Why don't they encourage education?

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  • reficul

    I was born into the religion and 3 years ago on April 1st decided to move out I haven't gone since. I moved out live on my own decided to go to college. I remember the meetings it was never encouraged to go to college why I ask. They would only tell us to goto high school. What are they so afraid of can someone explain this.

  • BFD

    Because it encourages independent thought. A big no, no for a cult member.


  • momzcrazy

    Welcome to JWD!

    THEY say it's because it is a waste of time that should be devoted to Jehovah's work. And there is bad association at those evil colleges.

    BUT like BFD said, college encourages you to use your mind and think and reason. You are welcomed to decide for yourself and not follow the "norm". I also think it is because they are afraid their followers will get more intelligent than they are. Their doctrine risks being blown out of the water and then where would they be?


  • Casper

    Welcome Reficul....

    I agree with the above, they don't want you to take time away from the ministry or for you to use your mind for independent thinking.

    Good for you for taking your Life Back...


  • reficul

    Well they took 22 years of it I am 25 I still got more years to gain back I never made any outside friends even the ones inside were a-holes to me just a few that were borderline i still talk to but the rest were jerks...

  • BFD

    So what courses are you taking? Major?


  • reficul

    Telecommunications if I get to go to a University if I cant get into the one I want perhaps study a diff language!

  • R.Crusoe

    My take on why:

    They only have answers to questions a certain level of education or socially functioning individual can challenge them with!

    They hate converts asking questions after baptism - you should take what your told and be happy!

    They deliberately pitch meetings at a level requiring reading all their publications which is beyond younger children unless parents have already indoctrinated them!

    Any who are 'home schooled will pick up all the conditioning and promote the same!

    Any who just turn up at meetings will soon get used to sitting quietly and asking no questions and hopefully fall in line and feel slightly unsure of any questions they have and so go along with the crowd.

    The hierarchaical system will topple if they have graduates returning and sharing all their new knowledge plus questions with existing young adults!

    The pioneer numbers will fall!

    Their new recruits will fall!

    Their production line will be interupted and their assets start to decline!

    So , like a car plant churning out new cars, if too many workers get ambitious, they lose the factory floor workforce and the whole business falls into decline.

    Simple proffit dynamics and not divine requirements!

  • *Incubus

    The same reason an abusive husband wont let his wife go to college...

  • Quandry

    Welcome to the forum.

    I think originally it was because "Armageddon is sooooooo near."

    Since so little time was left, children needed only the basics to get out there and pioneer to "get in as many people as possible before the big A."

    Also, it takes time away from the meetings if you are busy with classes and homework.

    Good for you that you plan on going to a University. If you don't get in one right away, start with a community college. The classes are smaller, it is cheaper, and if you make good grades, a University will take you.

    So....get out there.....don't accept anything less than your best!!! You can do it!!!!!!

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