Why don't they encourage education?

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  • besty

    might find this thread useful http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/12/149010/1.ashx

    welcome to the board Reficul - keep posting please.

  • BFD

    Go after your dreams, reficul. You have a long life ahead of you but, time goes fast. Plan for your future.

    Good luck to you.


  • dinah

    Welcome, reficul!

    What BFD said.... Don't look back! Even if they took 22 years, you have many left. No use cryin' over it. Leave it behind. Go to college. Expand your horizons.

    Oh! and check in and let us know how things are going.

  • oompa

    Knowledge is POWER...if WT has the only knowledge then they have all the power. College changes that BIGTIME! Many degrees require some religious/theological courses..........Science classes too can conflict with WT teachings................oompa

  • loosie

    in college you are exposed to new ideas than you were exposed to in high school. Critical thinking is a class commonly taken in college. When you apply critical thinking to the JW's there lies the problem.

    And high school is required by law, college isn't. If high school weren't required they wouldn't suggest you go to high school either.

  • potleg


    Fundamentally, the big wags at the top are a bunch of uneducated drivel dispensing control freaks.

    The more a person is educated and learns to think and reason, the more you will see the Watchtower message, lifestyle and values are like a broken pencil - Pointless.

    Of course this will not do, so they throw in the devil, who of course is prowling every campus and all kinds of other nasty stuff to keep the WT surfs in superstitious fear and ignorance.

  • TrailBlazer04

    Because the kids will "get smart"...my stepdaughter graduated from high school, went to college and is now in nursing school...and by the way, she hasn't set foot in a Kingdom Hall in about 3 years. She was baptized in a local non-denominational church on Easter Sunday...

    Her sister, didn't go to college...is still living at home, dating "future elder material" and works in a little boutique in the mall...and is at the Hall every time there's a meeting...



  • flipper

    REFICUL- Welcome to the board. All the above reasons given are true . Also I would add that the Watchtower society does not want to lose control of it's members. They keep them under " cult mind control" to do, only as they instruct. Just like other cults, The Moonies, The Church of Scientology, etc. Absolutely no freedom of thought. They take it away ! So, as others said, treasure your freedom, and enjoy getting a good education ! Look forward to hearing how it is going for you

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    This publishing house would rather see people buying and selling their literature and other merchandise that they sell......wink wink

    Better time spent supporting them, when they first got started selling the Watchtower, the door to door people were not volunteers they were employees

  • Hope4Others

    It is wonderful you are taking further education, I wish you the best in your endeavours. My son is your age we sent him off for

    further education you really need it in tough times like this to get the job you want. I hope parents will wake up and see what

    they are doing to their children's future.

    Good Luck!


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