"Special" Talk Outline for this Sunday?

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  • momzcrazy

    Same recycled sh*t as always. Now, if there were stripper poles on either side of the podium, THAT might be provocative!


  • sspo

    Special Talk is just another way to try to catch and bring in those that have attended the memorial

    with the hope in starting a bible study.

    Usually it's a very boring talk just like the one given at the district assembly on Sunday afternoon.

  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    the limitations of the populace

    So much for democracy, from which facilities the WTS has hugely benefited . If democratic values are not good enough for the WTS, let it establish its headquarters in North Korea, China or Iran. Saudi Arabia is not bad either.

    Evidence that he has taken power and begun ruling in heaven is abundant (bh 84-95)

    THIS is where they slyly introduce a new point , as Alpaca pointed out : no mention at all of 1914, the speaker can just as well skip it since he has to cling to these outlines. Such an occulting in a talk outline would plainly have been unimaginable 15 years ago. That way, they will safely be able to "recall" later on that, as the FDS has already clearly explained earlier, there is no ground for being "dogmatic" about 1914.

    Reminds me of what I was saying to an elder last Sunday : just overnight, they can drop 1914, saying Oops, we made a small mistake, 1914 was computed on the basis of 360 day years (2520 years stuff), whereas the 70 weeks in the other prophecy of Daniel were computed with good and sound 365 day years. Sorry for that, we are NOW going to teach you what is the REAL beginning of the last days, etc. And believe it or else !

  • OnTheWayOut

    I read the outline (thanks for the download link) and the entire talk could
    be delivered without mentioning Jehovah. The speaker could focus on Jesus Christ.
    Even the mandatory scriptures do not say "Jehovah."

    Near the end of the talk, the outline says "Learn more about God's government in the
    hands of Christ Jesus, and help others to do the same."

    The whole thing is a NORMALIZATION talk. Invite people to a 30-minute SPECIAL TALK.
    (Why wouldn't you go to a "special" talk to appease your friend/relative/study overlord?)
    Make the whole talk seem very ordinary in comparison to what is taught at Christendom
    (all other Christian religions). Try to get them to see that meetings are not that bizarre.
    They might not notice the JW's are bizarre if they leave during the WT study. I don't
    know what will be covered then, but I am sure it's tame.

    Unless there is special instructions given that are not available to us, the elders giving this
    talk are bound to put "Jehovah" back in it, though. It's their cult training, they cannot help

  • R.Crusoe

    I'm with momz on this one!

    Why not start a new religion?

    Pole dancing feels like paradise!

    How to dance the pole and keep your man installed!

    I can think of lots of titles that substantiate there being poles on the podium!

  • Mrs. Witness
    Mrs. Witness

    Great observation OTWO. I took a closer look at the outline last night and noticed the unusual emphasis on Jesus. It's becoming clearer now, just why hubby invited me. You've removed a few more scales from my eyes there, dear OTWO!

  • anewme

    Every "Special Talk" after 1975 has been a huge disappointment.
    Believe me. I know because I began attending in October 1971.

  • JK666

    Same stuff, different day.

    They just like to think they are provocative.


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