"Special" Talk Outline for this Sunday?

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  • WTWizard

    The "special" talk is just more crap. Who is qualified to rule man? I would not place my bets on the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger--if they ever do rule, we are going to get plunged immediately into the Second Dark Ages! As for Jesus? I thought he died--and, if he was resurrected and is in fact ruling, then why doesn't he show up at the Governing Body meetings as another Raymond Franz, and start refusing to allow anything to pass that would be detrimental to mankind? And why doesn't he go through the entire Watchtower doctrine and strike every single rule that is counterproductive?

    What more evidence do you want that Jesus is not ruling today?

  • carla

    When did the 'special' talk come about? what was the purpose? no new light, at least at this one. What is the deal with it? My jw once told me had a 'special' talk to go to, I just took it to mean he would be later than usual. Yes, I refrained from saying 'you mean special ed?' (not wanting to insult the special ed folks) I do not understand what is special or different from the normal meetings, I have seen the special talks discussed and posted in previous years but I still don't get it, please explain. thank you.

    Or maybe there is nothing different other than what they title it to get everybody excited and get their butts in the kh early and on time?

  • MeneMene

    Evidence that he has taken power and begun ruling in heaven is abundant (bh 84-95)

    Does anyone have info from this reference?

  • WTWizard

    If they claim the evidence is abundant, then where is it?

  • Mrs. Witness
    Mrs. Witness

    Carla, From what my JW intimated to me last night, it's special because "the same talk will be given around the world". I really don't know how that is different from any other Sunday, I mean, don't they all pull from the same schedule? That would make each WT session a "special WT session". As with everything to do with the WTBTS, I think it's all BS. Mrs. Witness

  • slimboyfat

    The "special" talk about 6 or 7 years ago was entitled "Saved from a Wicked Generation" or something like that and taught that the "generation" of Matt 24 referred to the wicked (i.e. everyone who is not a Witness) living during the time of the end. So much for that "special" information in the "special" talk because here just a few years later they have ditched that teaching and now we are to believe that the "generation" really refers to so-called anointed ones.

    So excuse me if the world doesn't stop to hear what wonderful precious truths are to be revealed at this years "special" talk.

    In the Witness world this year's "special" talk is next week's chip wrapper, to use a British expression.


  • MissingLink

    I think it's "special" in the "short bus" sense. These talks are always targetted at JW newbies and are total fluff.

  • Alpaca

    This talk is interminably lame.


    Many believe that Jesus Christ existed, but few demonstrate faith that he is actually ruling as King

    Evidence that he has taken power and begun ruling in heaven is abundant (bh 84-95)

    Complete wishful, delusional thinking....

    They have so completely backed away from 1914 and the 'generation seeing these things take place" that the old timers have got to be harboring some real doubts about the "proof" that we are living in the end times. There is NO PROOF based on any kind of chronological evidence the Borg has previously proffered in their publications or from the platform. The whole talk is so vague and non-specific that there is not a single date mentioned in ANYWHERE in the talk. So where is all the proof that we are living in the last days?

    When I was still in, I heard more than a few "strong" Dubs make oblique references to the disappointment of the end not coming when the Borg predicted it, that I have to believe that there is a strong undercurrent of dissatisfaction. There may be some catalyst in the near future that triggers a groundswell of the dissatisfied to begin speaking and leaving.

    Cheers to all,


  • Sasha

    I know they always have the "special talk" after the memorial. Is it my imagination, or is the talk a kind of Spring "try to get the attention of as many as possible to come into the fold" thing? Also the talk is usually about the same thing the talk was about last year, and the year before ,and the year before...

    So Bethel is for sale, eh? I think they are just consolidating it all in Upstate NY, no?

  • Maddie

    They call it a "Special" talk but from my experience in the past it will be very disappointing.


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