New " Witness Only " Watchtower - Even More Controlling - Check this Out

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  • flipper

    LAYING LOW- I found right before I got out about 5 years ago that the society was giving out their own personal opinions - which did not agree with the Bible. As well as I was getting personal advice from the elders own " opinions " ; not from the Bible. That did it for me ; I left.

    WORF- Good comments ! I agree I can't stand reading the Watchtowers either ! First time in 5 years I looked at one ! It made me angry as well reading this mind control crap ! That they try to hand it out as fact is even worse ! The false definition of " covetousness " blew me away ! You are right, they shouldn't " covet " the new order .

    JK- I agree ! Same S. Different Day ! It never ends ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Alpaca

    Rather we ask: " Is the one spreading this story acting in harmony with what the Bible says ? Do these stories or allegations further Jehovah's purpose ? Do they promote the peace of the congregation ? " Anything we hear that tears down the brotherhood ( of pedophiles ) rather than builds it up is a worthless thing . "

    This is classic flawed logic. It reflects the same level of intelligence as the proverbial general who doesn't like the message (intelligence) so he kills the messenger, as if that will make everything okay.

    I can see where they are going with this, though. It would not surprise me to see them use some kind of twisted argument that, just as witnesses testifying in a court of law are qualified by testimony about their character and truthfulness, so too the motives and truthfulness of the "messengers" exposing the shortcomings of the Borg should be subject to the same kind of careful scrutiny.

    DAMN.... that sounds good....maybe I could get a gig writing that shit for them when they start outsourcing the writing.


    Whew, they are really reaching the bottom of the argument barrel with that kind of shit.

    Thanks for posting Flipper!!!!


  • fokyc

    Repudiate "Valueless Things"

    Watchtower_2008_April_15th_English_OCRd.pdf (14 MB), is still available here

    Use the following link:

    This will be studied in KH's in your area week May 26th to June 1st 2008


  • Reefton Jack
    Reefton Jack

    After seeing that, I obviously haven't missed out on anything in the 14 years since I broke with them.


  • LouBelle

    I've been meaning to get my copy of the witness only copy and a normal copy to see the differences, but I truly can't stomach reading that bull shit. LIke you Mr. Flipper it would really really piss me off (a bottle of wine would hve to be least)

    They are desperate to keep the rank & file under their thumb as so many are coming to their senses, so much negative information is out there, too much interntet usage = too much information.

    This kinda stuff makes me want to sabbotage their electricity so that they can't have meetings.

  • WTWizard

    Now that they got their own members into the Second Dark Ages with this twisted, incorrect information and no education, all they need is for me to be dragged through the Value Destroyer Training School, given a billion assignments all at the same time (with a policy that you cannot refuse any or fail to complete it), and get into the UN again to pass this as law. That will plunge the whole world into the Second Dark Ages.

  • flipper

    ALPACA- Nice post ! Thanks ! Yeah, I just know the governing body would love to " shoot the messenger " so to speak ; or anybody revealing their hiding of child abuse , or other corruption going on in the organization. The only thing is that the " motives " and " truthfulness " of those exposing the Watchtower society are more " pure " and above reproach than the organization itself - that the Watchtower society would lose on all counts in a court of law ! They are already losing in court cases here in California where the WT societies elders were forced by a judge to testify about a pedophile case in their congregation - even though they tried to get out of testifying ! It's only a matter of time before the lid gets blown off the Watchtower society- in my opinion.

    FOKYC- Thanks for the link.

    REEFTON JACK- Yep- You haven't missed out on a thing except being controlled.

    LOUBELLE- I agree with you. The society is really desperate to control their people because of all the negative revelations of child abuse scandals, blood transfusion scandals, and other media coverage. They are running scared. The one thing they " can't control " is the outside world and media ! It pisses me off too ! I'll drink some more wine tonight thinking about it ! LOL!

    WT WIZARD- The WT society definitely does it's best to plunge their rank and file members into the dark ages ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • still_in74
    The final kicker in this article making me want to " hurl " was warning the witnesses to dismiss any critical words against the organization ! Notice this : " If any statements come to our ears that are critical of the truth or that cast aspersions on the congregation, the elders, or any of our brothers ( pedophiles included ? ), we do not accept them at face value. Rather we ask: " Is the one spreading this story acting in harmony with what the Bible says ? Do these stories or allegations further Jehovah's purpose ? Do they promote the peace of the congregation ? " Anything we hear that tears down the brotherhood ( of pedophiles ) rather than builds it up is a worthless thing . "


    I read this article probably 3 times to make certain of how much information control was really being applied here. This WT stunned me. Especially this comment!
    Just what exactly does "Is the one spreading this story acting in harmony with what the Bible says ? Do these stories or allegations further Jehovah's purpose ? Do they promote the peace of the congregation ? " mean?

    Did you notice that the questions they have you ask yourself accomplish ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN DEFENDING THEIR FAITH???

    I couldnt believe it.
    So what does the bible say???(1 John 4:1)
    What does Jehovahs purpose have to do with anything???
    What does peace in the congregarion have to do with Truth??

    If someone is challenging your faith you are supposed to ask yourself: Wouldnt Satan challenge your faith? Is this person not possessed by demons? Is not anyone that says anything negative about the WTS an agent of the Devil? Should not this strengthen your faith in the almighty soveriegn Lord Jehovah and his FDS Class?


  • flipper

    STILL IN 74- Good points you make my friend ! The governing body is Not interested in defending the " truth " of any matter involving justice ; they are just concerned with saving face in front of their rank and file members !

    If they were TOTALLY HONEST the Watchtower society would answer these 3 questions they had this way :

    1. Is the One Spreading this story acting in harmony with what the Bible says ?

    Appropriate answer : Yes . The Bible condemns child abuse and we are glad that the public media let it be known that we settled 16 child abuse lawsuits out of court so as to bring some compensation to the victims due to our neglectful ignoring of this problem in our church. So the ones that brought this to our attention - were acting in harmony with what the Bible teaches !

    2. Do these stories or allegations further Jehovah's purposes ? Well, yes. The Bible says to not " cover over " wickedness , and that very soon Jehovah will bring into judgment any one doing unjust things to fatherless children ! It is Jehovah's purpose for children to be protected in his organization - so these stories and allegations of child abuse being disclosed ; do further Jehovah's purpose towards judging the wicked. It is good it came out !

    3. Do they promote the peace of the congregation ? Oh, yes, definitely, indeed. To live in peace to worship Jehovah without fear , all young ones need to be assured they can associate with older ones in the congregation ; without fear of being molested. Parents will sleep easier knowing their children are being protected and that the elders are really JUST, cleansing the congregation of the wicked pedophiles !

    So, Still in 74 - That is what should have ben printed inthe Watchtower in answer to their own rhetorical questions . But- that will never happen. The Watchtower society will NEVER take responsibility for their children being abused, nor apologize . One can only dream, eh ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Maddie

    I just think that one day it will be their downfallbecause they are showing their true colours more and more as time goes by. They are very, very worried it seems to me.


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