praying before a meal

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  • megaflower

    I wonder how many still do this? I have stopped. It brings up too many memorys of having some elder pray for the cong before we partook of any food. It just seemd like a big production, all would gather around and bow heads in silence while some senior male gave thanks- no more- no thanks

  • DJK

    Its not allowed in my home even for company. I respect others when I'm in their home.

    I approved the Jewish prayer card to be mounted on the front door, only because its outside.

  • nomoreguilt

    Ya, at thanksgiving and Christmas dinner my wife asks me to say grace. To tell you the truth about it, my heart just isn't in it any more. After being jw for so long and now not believing anything at all spiritual, what's the USE???

    Words just travelling in my dining room, lost on unhearing heavenly ears.


  • mouthy

    Well then you had better not come visit me. Cos I say thanks whoever is here. If they dont like it ,they dont have to listen. I have gone with out food when I wasnt a believer & now I have much I consider it a joy to say" I thank you Lord."Only thing I dont cover my head now. No I dont say it silently , I like folks to know I have a TRUE FRIEND supping with me
    Where two or three are gathered together HE is in their midst. I think & I am allowed to think that . Rocks to be tossed one by one please

  • Gopher

    I don't any more. Of course, I'm a non-believer now. Still, when I go over to homes of my Christian friends, they don't seem to pray before the meal except on Thanksgiving.

    As for your elders who had formal prayers, it seems like some do this to draw attention. Like here-

    Matthew 6:1 Take good care not to practice YOUR righteousness in front of men in order to be observed by them; otherwise YOU will have no reward with YOUR Father who is in the heavens.
  • mouthy


    Matthew 6:1 Take good care not to practice YOUR righteousness in front of men in order to be observed by them; otherwise YOU will have no reward with YOUR Father who is in the heavens.

    I dont consider prayer a show of rightousness. In fact I think it shows your humbling yourself .I am DEFINATLY NOT RIGHTOUS & if I give that opinion to you or anyone. you better change that opinion right now

    I bet you expect your kids to say thanks when you hand them something dont you?

  • Sirona

    I often say thanks in my heart...not at every meal but often....

    Not just for food but for everything in my life


  • BFD

    I just came from Sunday dinner at my brother's house. They pray before EVERY meal. We all join hands and bow our heads, the kids give thanks then my SIL says a prayer and my brother says the final prayer. They are Roman Catholic.

    It doesn't bother me in the least to be thankful. Why would it?

    No rocks here, Granny.


  • Dagney

    During the summer of "truth" for me, the time when it seemed everywhere I looked I was seeing right through everything, I was at a business lunch with an NY orthodox Jew. He went on to explain to us that he could have a diet coke (nothing else, it was a greasy spoon, not at all kosher), but that he would have to bless the drink before he drank it as that was their tradition or obligation, or whatever, don't remember exactly. So he pulled out his yarmulka (sp?) and did the bowing and recitation over this diet coke in a brown plastic diner glass in the middle of his plate.

    The words of Jesus came into my head about praying in private, and not to cause attention when praying, which apparently was the custom during his time. Duh. A flood of comments made through the years came into my brain regarding others that we did not "see" pray before meals, and making judgements about their spirituality. At that moment it became clear to me it was mostly a showy display, for others to "see" how spiritual they were.

    (Interestingly while typing this, I got a call from one of my Bible students. She called from the parking lot of the KH upset because the conductor said that prayers are not even heard by God if the person was not in association with "God's people" meaning the organization. I told her that was always the understanding, and that it was offensive to hear them speak for God. )

  • Hortensia

    why pray? to whom? No such thing as god. However, it's good to be appreciative - lots of people in the world have little or nothing to eat. I'm grateful I have enough, extremely grateful - but god didn't provide. I'm lucky to be living in a country with enough food for everyone, and lucky enough to be working to pay for my food.

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